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Denise Richards discusses her career and motherhood

This morning, I was hosing my five-year-old off in the shower – you know that technique, right? Put liquid bath soap on your kid – then stand him/her in the shower – and use the movable shower to hose said kid off.

Anyway – I was in the process of doing that, yelling for my 13-year-old to get up and moving because we had to get the the orthodontists, and I was checking in on Robin Roberts’ interview with Denise Richards.

This was all before I had any coffee or my green smoothie.

I loved what Denise had to say about:

  • positively co-parenting with Charlie Sheen,
  • focusing on the needs of her children,
  • wanting a big family,
  • and balancing her role as a mom and working single parent – with the help of her live-in dad.

Yes, Denise Richards knows and understands the importance of asking for help and getting it. She has opted to have a multigenerational household.

Denise talked about her father being an amazing support for her and her daughters when she has to travel for work. She mentioned her father being a great grandfather to his granddaughters and making their family work.

Denise alluded to the challenges that come with being a single mother, and she also made it clear that she is living her life and parenting in a way that worked for her.

Brava, Denise!

As I have mentioned before, multigenerational living is not for everyone. But for those of us who seek it out and opt in, we are basking in the joys of creating our own balanced life.

What support or help do you seek out to balance your life as a parent?


Lucimarian Roberts – My Story, My Song

I was moved to tears while I watched Good Morning America, today.

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and I can never resist a story about family, faith, and friends.

Our multigenerational nest is in transition with my youngest heading to kindergarten in the fall. There are lots of thoughts, wonderings, fears, and celebrations around roles, relationships, progress, change and loss.

While watching the GMA story about Lucimarian Robert’s new book, it made me stop and identify the opportunities our current transition is presenting.

  • Renewal – keeping family connections fresh and thriving
  • Growth – avoiding stagnation and not settling
  • Leaning into strengths – because we all have them and that’s what makes this multigenerational living situation work
  • Forgiveness – super important to do and be aware of as we express ourselves appropriately and inappropriately
  • Patience – because we do not fully know what the future holds – and that’s OK

The overview of Lucimarian’s book and her message also made me think and mentally celebrate our unique and strong family ties – that have come out of our multigenerational living situation.

My big takeaways were:

  • Tapping into your life’s purpose keeps you mindful of what is really important.
  • Sharing the burden of daily living creates a meaningful life.
  • Family storytelling leaves an imprint on what you’ve built together.
  • Accessing humor, during challenging situations, positively fuels the soul.
  • All things can be achieved through grace.

If you saw or watched the interview – what were the takeaways for you?

How do these takeaways show up in your family – or your family interactions?


No potty wars, thanks to multigenerational living

Margot and I were surprised and a bit horrified to hear Good Morning America’s report on extreme potty-training.

Then we giggled a bunch about how serious the report was on this topic.

As working mothers, we try to not take ourselves too seriously (see the picture above) and we are supportive of the challenges we both face in trying to have the best work/life balance.

We know there are many pressures to get your children potty trained so they can attend preschool. We have been fortunate, through the support of multigenerational living, not to force early potty-training on our children.

We didn’t have to stress out and demand that our kids get on the potty at four-months-old, and we certainly did not enroll ourselves in potty training bootcamp. I would have attended a class if limitless cocktails were included in the enrollment fee.

In this video clip, Margot and I chat about this new trend in potty training and laugh a tremendous amount.

We encourage fellow parents to take it easy on themselves and to enjoy their children; potty-training will come.