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  1. I love your blog! I think the two of you are doing a great job with your blog and your family life. It looks like you are having fun in the process and that is whats most important.

    Keep up the good work and your unselfishness and your williness to share your space is much admired,

  2. I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. It is so enlightening and refreshing to read because I can relate to having time for family and keeping that balance between immediate family and extended family.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I LOVE your blog (and whole site), KLB. Every day, even when that’s not the subject, you single-handedly make the mommy wars seem silly. Now I hope you will shed some light on my new situation: the 20- and 23-year old daughters have moved back in! Since they are technically adults, this is multi-generational, no? Their 16-year old brother’s still here of course, so here are some of my questions: Is this 2 1/2 generations? Can I get a TV show with Ashton Kutcher? Should I get my own apartment? Is it really, really true that if it’s my house, it’s my rules????? Can I put them in time out? What “natural consequences” do I have for house-rule-defying behavior besides gnashing teeth, wringing hands, or booting them directly out? Thanks in advance for your help, Coach Kanesha!

    • OMG, Betsy! This is beyond juicy.
      Yes – you are technically in a multigenerational household – and what a dynamic that must be, especially with the 2 1/2 distinction.
      1. Family huddle should be scheduled soon.
      2. Norms for discussion should be spelled out. My favorites: (a) Active listening with an open heart. (b) Speak with good purpose (c) Speak your own truth (d) Ask questions
      3. Set up expectations – which will be differentiated between the 20 somethings and 16yo.
      4. Hide the remote.

  4. Rhonda Hart-Watts

    Kanesha..this information format that you’ve created is amazing, to say the least! I am very impressed, proud and intrigued. It’s enlightening as well as entertaining…I could kick myself for not finding it sooner!..Lovin It!

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