50 Shades of Grey – in the multigenerational home

Are you sick of people talking about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy?

I’m not – and not just because of all the “mommy porn” talk.

I thought it was fun to read the trilogy, smirk at the horrible writing, Google some of the “tools” mentioned, and then loan the books to my mother-in-law.

Yes, I did loan the books to my mother-in-law and she read them all – quickly.

My mother-in-law and I rarely read the same books. She reads a lot of novels and DIY books. I read a lot of research articles and nonfiction books. Our multigenerational nest is very much into reading – so how fun was it for my mother-in-law and I to go down the 50 Shades rabbit hole together.

It brought up a lot of funny discussions.

The discussion topics that made me howl, laugh from my gut, give my mother-in-law the “uhm hmm” side nod, and had my husband quickly exiting the room were:

  1. Quick and spicy read – perfect with an adult libation and summer lounging.
  2. I requested a full trilogy book report from my mother-in-law. (Still waiting…)
  3. Why didn’t E.L. James make Christian Grey’s character older? George Clooney would be brilliant in that movie role.
  4. Does E.L. James own a thesaurus, and does she know how to use it?
  5. How does one discreetly list the trilogy on the summer reading log – for the local library?
  6. Maybe now is the time to invest in a Kindle, iPad, or Nook while reading these books out and about – or go old school, and make paper bag book covers – for the books.
  7. Hubby is ecstatic I read the trilogy – and read some passages out loud to him. How horrified is my hubby knowing his mother has read these books?
  8. Why is my own mother taking so long to start reading? Tick tock, mom!
  9. My mother-in-law wanted to know who is next in line – to borrow the trilogy. (She wants a full trilogy report from them!)
  10. What other saucy books am I hiding in my personal library – and when will I be loaning them to my mother-in-law?

So what has the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy done for our multigenerational nest?

Made us laugh. Offered my mother-in-law and me a girlfriend dish fest. Taught the grown folks some new vocabulary. Put a spark in our summer.

And how timely is this funny video I came across right after reading this article, Tough Topics: Sex in Senior Living.


Update: 7.11.12

My mother-in-law loved this post and wanted me to add to the list…

  • What was the point of E.L. James making Anastasia a virgin? How realistic is that for a 22 year-old?
  • The whole story could have been told in 300 pages – not 1600+.
  • My mother-in-law was meeting with our neighbor’s mom – and they discussed the saucy trilogy – and then giggled when thinking how their own parents would react.

Never a dull moment around here.

Did you read the trilogy?

Why do you think there is all this buzz?

Would you loan your copies of the trilogy to your mother or mother-in-law?


3 Responses to 50 Shades of Grey – in the multigenerational home

  1. Gave the books to my mother-n-law who in return gave it to her daughter who then gave it to her Aunt. We all loved them! My Mom is reading them too! All the girls at my work have read it to and we all have our own pick for Mr Grey.

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