The Urban Nester

I love new discoveries.

Yesterday, after a productive and creative meeting with a fellow coach, I walked past the cutest little shop called Nest.

You know it stopped me in my tracks and I had to take a peek.

I spent about an hour walking around the shop, touching things, reading, smelling heavenly scents, trying out lotion, and I caught myself singing (out loud) a contemporary version of The Rainbow Connection.

I was having a feast of the senses.

Mel, the lovely woman working, was super helpful in helping me select some luscious linen spray and she gave me tips on how to save my multigenerational nest’s floundering garden. (Yes, it was a mash-up conversation.)

If you are in the local area, I encourage you to checkout the gems at Nest. I’m 99% sure it’ll be a great experience.





2 Responses to The Urban Nester

  1. Did the owner hear you singing? Wish I coulda been there!

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