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Learning from my mother-in-law

My mother-in-law has been reading a lot of poetry lately. She has been sharing her old favorites and new favorites with us.  It’s fun to watch her read her favorite parts and observe the various emotions she displays as she read the poems.

Here’s a recent re-discovery.

Wordle: DorothyParker

The Little Old Lady in Lavender Silk

by Dorothy Parker

I was seventy-seven, come August,

I shall shortly be losing my bloom;

I’ve experienced zephyr and raw gust

and (symbolical) flood and simoom.


When you come to this time of abatement,

To this passing from Summer to Fall,

It is manners to issue a statement

As to what you got out of it all.


So I’ll say, though reflection unnerves me

And pronouncements I dodge as I can,

That I think (if my memory serves me)

There was nothing more fun than a man!


In my youth, when the crescent was too wan

To embarrass with beams from above,

By the aid of some local Don Juan

I fell into the habit of love.


And I learned how to kiss and be merry-

Education left better unsung.

My neglect of the waters Pierian

Was a scandal, when Grandma was young.


Though the shabby unbalanced the splendid,

And the bitter outmeasured the sweet,

I should certainly do as I then did,

Were I given the chance to repeat.


For contrition is hollow and wraithful,

And regret is no part of my plan,

And I think (if my memory’s faithful)

There was nothing more fun than a man.