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Home Alone {in the words of my mother-in-law}

There are times when hubby and I will take our two kids and run off to do something as a nuclear family. Recently, we went up to Vail for a long weekend.

As we were packing up and leaving that day, I looked at my mother-in-law and said, “No wild parties while we are gone.”

We both laughed and she responded, “You never know.”

Then I said, “Well, you should write a post telling all of us what you do when you have the house to yourself.”

So she did.


What do you do when you have the house to yourself? 
I guess that is like ‘I am home alone.’  Oh my. 
1.  I get out the welcome mat for The cat in the hat, Thing 1, Thing 2, and of course, Good Dog Carl.  Their mission should they choose to come is to tidy the four-year-old’s toys, books, markers, crayons, trains, and train tracks.  And cars and trucks and balls.
2.  Then any form of a schedule is shredded.  Get up whenever, go to sleep whenever. Well you get the whenever picture.
3.  And in and out whenever too.
4.  Watch something besides Dora, Diego, Dinosaur Train.  I have already what I learned from Curious George memorized.  Hurray!  Adult stuff.
5.  Create larger chunks for time for reading and making.
6.  Of course, exercise. 

Anything not covered in the above 6 statements is in the black hole of home alone, never to escape. 

What is your favorite thing(s) to do when you are home alone? (Keep it clean, people!)

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Reflections on summer travel and fun – multigenerational style

When Friday came around, I was absolutely thrilled!

Hubby was back from work travel, my daughter was heading to a sleepover, my mother-in-law was going for a night on the town, I had a dinner date with a great girlfriend, and I was actually looking forward to tackling my mega home-chore list.

(Oh, the little guy was hanging out with hubby on Friday – boys’ night!)

When Saturday morning came around, it was raining a bit and overcast. Forget about that mega home-chore list. It was time for some scrapbooking.

I love taking pictures. I enjoy sorting and categorizing them. I especially love putting the pictures in a scrapbook and retelling a story and reliving those fun moments. (This is a common interest my mother-in-law and I share.) And that’s how Saturday and today went as I scrapbooked.

Here is a glimpse into some of the summer memories of our multigenerational vacation time.

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Happy Memorial Day!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and for us, that means the kick-off to our camping season. The three-year-old has been walking around the house for the past two days with his flashlight and headlamp. Both kids have their sleeping bags on the main floor in a big heap so they can read together in what they call their nest.

My *MIL accompanies us on some camping trips, but the Memorial Day/weekend trip is always exclusively for the four of us. It’s our time to bond as a nuclear family and to reflect on our multigenerational “new”clear family. My hubby and I sip our box wine, watch the kids get dirty, enjoy the beautiful landscape and talk about successes and challenges that we’ve all experienced during the academic year (yes – our life is ruled by the academic year).

Photo by Kanesha B. - Maroon Bells 2009

Maroon Bells 2009

For this weekend, we’ll be talking about home improvements and repurposing some space in our house to support our multigenerational household.

Our daughter is moving on to middle school and we want to set up a better study area for her. My MIL has art, sewing and craft projects going on and we want her to be able  to have sufficient craft space in order to leave her in-progress projects set-up. We need to get rid of toys our son has outgrown (where does all that stuff come from!). Hubby and I want to expand the space we have for our workout equipment so that we’ll actually use it – for its intended purpose and not just a drying rack for laundry.

We’ve been reading Dwell and The Family Handyman for ideas and DIY tips. We are excited about  updating our space and having a project to do together. This is also a way for us to celebrate our 3rd multigenerational living anniversary coming up in July!

We wonder what the gift for this 3rd anniversary should be… Maybe we should create a list. Maybe YOU should help us!

Tell us about any home projects you have going on. We’d also like to know what Memorial Day traditions you have.


May 2010 - first camping trip of the season

*(MIL = mother-in-law)