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Food allergies

I was thrilled to see these shirts for kids with allergies. It’s a brilliant concept and of course a mother came up with it. Brava!


Having my mother-in-law care for my son for the first 5 years of his life was such a gift, especially when we learned he had a dairy, egg, and nut aversion. I imagine how challenging and scarier this would have been if I didn’t have my mother-in-law attending allergist appointments, grocery shopping with me, and preparing avoidance diet meals for my son while he was in her care.

When I think about the times my son traveled with my mother-in-law and was with relatives who knew he had food allergies, but didn’t really understand what that meant – this shirt would have been super handy.

As soon as either of us said he had allergies, friends and relatives would ask about nuts and gluten. Yes, a lot of people are allergic to these items – but gluten wasn’t on my son’s list. People just weren’t clear in what he was avoiding – and this shirt would have been crystal clear and helped them pause before offering him any food or treats.

If you have a multigenerational event coming up and you have a little one (I’m thinking under age 7) with allergies, I think a shirt like this would give a parent (or grandparent) a bit of calm as the little one wonders about during the multigenerational festivities.

If you have allergies or a child with allergies – how do you educate friends and relatives about this?


Ultrasound party – a new multigenerational tradition?

I am someone who is addicted to theme parties. The wackier the theme – the better. I’m fully committed to coordinating the decorations, food, costumes, t-shirts…whatever it takes to highlight the theme.

This ultrasound party – I think – took theme parties to a completely different level.

I loved the multigenerational gathering highlighted in this video, but I started to think, “Is technology giving us too much access?

What I mean about access is will the fun anticipation of a new baby arriving be kicked to the curb? What will happen to that joyful build up leading to the baby’s birth? Will ultrasound parties become a bit hit and downplay the fun of a baby shower or sip and see?

What do you think?