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Mother-in-law Day

This past weekend, we celebrated Mother-in-law Day.

I told my mother-in-law we would be taking her out to lunch to celebrate. She was a bit more excited than I thought she would be, but hey, I am fun to be around.


Per usual, being in Boulder, we got a bunch of stares because:

(1) there are not many African American families walking around this town;

(2) folks are always wondering how my mother-in-law fits in with our group because she’s not brown but my kids are wildly and loudly saying GRANDMA;

(3) and we tend to break out into song, made up songs mind you, about things we see going on around us.

It’s multigenerational zaniness at its best.

When hubby and I toasted my mother-in-law and thanked her for being the marshal (aka stable keeper) during this über busy month of October, my daughter looked at me and said, “Mommy, I know we are celebrating grandma. What mother celebration do you get today?

I had to think about it.

I had to think about all the things I’ve learned, from my mother-in-law, in how to be a mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, entrepreneur, girlfriend, artist, and a “I’ll do whatever the hell I want to do” lady.

These amazing lessons – that come easily, quickly, frustratingly, humorously, painfully, lovingly, and wackily – are all to be celebrated.

Since this is the 13th year of my mother-in-law, being my mother-in-law, I created a list of the top 13 things I have learned (a) from my mother-in-law (b) by observing my mother-in-law (c) and by living with my mother-in-law – listed in no particular order:

  1. Live your life on your own terms
  2. Baking is therapeutic
  3. Stay in your own business
  4. Keep your body healthy
  5. Sarcasm is tricky
  6. Red boots are a staple fashion item
  7. Massage therapy is not optional
  8. Schedule your annual medical appointments and don’t skip them
  9. Poetry is beautiful storytelling
  10. Never apologize for being the real you
  11. Electric scissors are magic
  12. Rhubarb is very versatile
  13. Tell your kids you love them – all the time

Family Photo {hilarious chaos}

We take a lot of pictures, as a multigenerational family, but we don’t have that many with all five of us in them.

I have a project coming up and I needed a quick picture of our entire multigenerational family.

The process of getting a picture was not quick at all.

Finding the right lighting to balance all the skin hues was a major challenge.

Plus, it was bit chilly with unpredictable wind gusts.

We all laughed a whole bunch.

When was the last time you took a family picture? What are some tips or techniques to capture everyone at their *best?

*You can define that for yourself.


The Versatile Blogger Award {clapping hands}

Sunday and Monday were a bit bumpy when I found out it’s a full nest landed on that Google security buffer site. Grrrr…!

I was lucky to have Kaye, from SandwichINK, send a DM on Twitter, to me, about my site being blocked. I thought about freaking out, eating a pint of Häagen-Dazs, and then staying in bed for days…but what good would that do?

I looked to Dr. Hubby to scrub it’s a full nest – and voilà, I was back on the blogsphere. (Thanks, Honey!)

And then today, I was thrilled and immediately thrown into a skip-about mood when I learned I received The Versatile Blogger award from the amazing author and blogger, Tia Bach, at Depression Cookies. (Check out her interview, with it’s a full nest, from January 2011.)

I thought back to Sunday night’s Emmy Awards and wished I had properly prepared an acceptance speech for this fantastic honor. Since I was not prepared (nor given a tiara and flowers like Melissa McCarthy), the best way for me to accept this award was to accept on behalf of my wonderful multigenerational family.

Family: You all rock! Thanks for keeping it fresh, humorous and oh-so-real. HUGS!

Here are the rules for me accepting this amazing award:

-Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
-Share 7 things about yourself.
-Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs.
  1. I’m extremely terrified of centipedes and millipedes. They freak me out!
  2. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer and enjoy discussing the fashion trends, from Vogue magazine, with my mother-in-law. (She has the subscription.)
  3. I sometimes eat cookies in bed – and I make sure I eat them on hubby’s side. (He loathes this.)
  4. My favorite thing to bake is sweet potato pie.
  5. I love to fold laundry while watching super awful reality TV (such as Real Housewives of …).
  6. I was the homecoming queen, my senior year, during undergrad. I still get teased about it.
  7. I’ve met my husband when he was 18-years-old and I thought he was too young for me to date. (So I waited until he was 21.)

Here are 15 bloggers are amazing and share amazing info. (This list is not ranked.)

  1. My Brown Baby
  2. Pink of Perfection
  3. Susan Hyatt – Ideal Life Design
  4. Bunny Cakes
  5. Austin Kleon
  6. Desiree Adaway
  7. Creative Mamma
  8. Donna’s Blog – Generations United
  9. Marcellus Hall – Drawger
  10. Your Life Your Way
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  13. Michelle Seitzer
  14. Arthur & Bernie
  15. Girlfriendology




This Moment {9.2.11}

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people”

-Vincent van Gogh

A Friday ritual.

A single photo bunch of photos – inspirational words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by SouleMama.
Visit SouleMama to see more {this moment} posts.
Feel free to share your {this moment} link in the comment section and/or any inspirational words.

Getting older – and liking it

Today is hubby’s 36th birthday. Yes, he’s a youngin’ and I’m a borderline cradle robber (3 ½ year difference between the two us – go me!)

This is the 14th birthday celebration we’ve had together as a couple, and the 4th celebration we’ve had, of hubby’s birthday, as a multigenerational family.

I have to give major kudos and motherly props to my mother-in-law as well. Why? Well, oh so many years ago, she gave birth to twins – my hubby and his brother. They were eight pounds each. No, I’m not exaggerating, and yes, my mother-in-law has an amazing uterus.

Thank you, mother-in-law!

When my mother-in-law turned 65 earlier this year, I asked her to come up with her “top 65” list. Tonight, it was hubby’s turn and my mother-in-law was ready to contribute her comical humor – just as my hubby had done to her.

Dinner was a bit raucous tonight.

Here’s hubby’s “top 36 list”:

1.  Enjoy the last days of summer – and look forward to autumn.

2.  Make popcorn on the stovetop – share with your family.

3.  Take a day off work – and go to the movies in the middle of the afternoon.

4.  Walk to the grocery store – but buy just what you can carry home.

5.  Ride your bike to work – but take a shower when you get there if you stink.

6.  Take a walk around your neighborhood at dusk – just to see what is going on.

7.  Admire your neighbor’s landscaping – and compliment them the next time you see them.

8.  Go to your local public lecture – and read about the topic before going.

9.  Plan an annual family “fun” calendar so that you can juggle all the things you want to do.

10.  Use your DVR/TiVo so that you can stay up late to watch trash TV – such an activity will make you feel really smart.

11.  Learn a good joke and tell it to the person you sit next the next time you fly on a plane or ride on a bus.

12.  Discuss the trash TV that you watched with your colleagues at work – this will make them re-evaluate assumptions they have made about you.

13.  Read a book just for fun – one that hasn’t been turned into a movie.

14.  Volunteer at a community event – others will notice and do the same thing.

15.  Take an adult education course – share your thoughts and listen to those of others.

16.  Make a nice sack lunch for everyone in your family – who cares that it is Saturday.

17.  Go to a baseball game – and get the cheapest tickets that you can.

18.  Commit to a staycation and pretend you are a tourist.

19.  Make your holiday plans early – including plans for your New Year celebration.

20.  Learn a new song – and get all the words right.

21.  Invite all your neighbors over for a barbeque in your backyard.

22.  Contact a local politician and thank them for their dedication and time they spend trying to make our world better.

23.  Get a magazine subscription related to one of your hobbies.

24.  Go to bed early – to have a fabulous day tomorrow.

25.  Shop local and introduce yourself to people working at the store.

26.  Wish people a Happy Birthday.

27.  Smile – it’s contagious.

28.  Floss – it’s more important than brushing – at least that is what they say.

29.  Buy flowers for your spouse – especially if they really appreciate it.

30.  Visit a blog – and leave a comment.

31.  Talk to yourself – especially if it helps you make better decisions.

32.  Buy yourself new socks and underwear – especially when the elastic starts to wear out.

33.  For your spouse’s birthday – iron your sheets – but let them know this is not a regular event and not necessarily their birthday – say it is an experiment.

34.  Try your best and don’t be too hard on yourself.

35.  Do what you love and love what you do.

36.  Life is short – so cherish it.


Here and Now {July 19}


> parents have arrived from Georgia.

> mom is singing classic children’s songs to my four-year-old  – and making up her own words.

> daughter is playing The Phantom of the Opera on the piano for her grandparents.

> stepfather is reading a Dora book to my four-year-old and getting corrected on his Spanish pronunciation by my four-year-old.

> mom is telling funny and sweet stories about her eldest sister – who is 14 years my mom’s senior.

> stepfather was mistakenly trying to explain how to take a picture, with his phone, to my twelve-year-old.

> mom and I rescued a beloved train costume, for my four-year-old, that hubby put into the giveaway pile.

> parents are asking my twelve-year-old if she is ready to become a teenager.

> parents are shocked my twelve-year-old has a babysitting job later this today.

> parents are gushing that today is my 13th wedding anniversary.

> four-year-old is telling my stepfather, “Monsters don’t have mouths in my world!”

> multigenerational family and my heart are full.