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International Mother’s Day {yes, more time to honor mom}

Did you think Mother’s Day was over?

Nope, not quite yet.

My father-in-law sends roses to my mother-in-law every year on Mother’s Day

Many parts of Latin America, specifically México, are celebrating Mother’s Day today. May 11 is International Mother’s Day, so we’ve still got a lot of celebrating to do.

I enjoyed an easy and relaxing Mother’s Day this past weekend. My multigenerational family planned a low-key and delightful celebration for my mother-in-law and me.

I was able to sleep-in until about 8:00 a.m. My youngest was eager to get the day started and he wanted to make some projects.

Hubby and the kids took me on a brunch picnic. It was a gorgeous day and we spent much of it outside enjoying each other’s company.

Visiting the new chocolatier was amazing. I was happy they had some non-dairy-nut-egg treats for the four-year-old. He was happy to gobble them up.

Taking a moment to cool off in the creek was a must. It was hard to get the kids out of there so we could go home for my afternoon nap.

Hubby and our 11-year-old prepared a simple and delicious dinner for my mother-in-law and me. We sat on the back deck, talked, listened to music, laughed, and ate – while the 4-year-old made mud cakes. The cards and gifts were mostly handmade – which is something my mother-in-law and I both cherish.

As I sat there observing my multigenerational family and watching them interact joyously, I felt content and blessed. I thought back to my amazing grandmothers and wondered how it would have been to live with them, as I grew up, full-time.

My hubby did have the opportunity to live with his maternal grandparents for a while and he has some great stories to share. (Maybe he’ll write a guest about this.)

Hubby’s twin brother – Grandma Martha (maternal grandmother)

So to all you amazing moms out there – I hope you realize and acknowledge your accomplishments in raising beautiful, healthy, and happy families. Cherish the mothers who helped nurture you to do this important work of mothering.

My mother-in-law holding her twin sons (my hubby is on the right) – Grandma Martha (maternal grandmother) – Hubby’s sister – Great-Grandma Sarah (maternal great-grandmother)

As your families honor you – remember to honor yourself through self-care and self-love. It may not seem like it – but there should always be time for moms to take care of themselves and to model this for their families.

Grandma Martha (maternal grandma) with hubby (center) and his siblings – family farm in Minnesota

If you feel you are falling short in this area (self-care & self-love) – stop and ask for help. Maybe your mother-in-law needs to move in to help you out.



Here’s a simple and fun craft project – Mother’s Day inspirational cubes.


Mother’s Day 2011 {easy & last minute gifts}

Mother’s Day is a big deal for our multigenerational family, but not in that gross and overly commercialized way.

My mother-in-law and I were chatting about what it means to be a mom and what we want and like when our children honor us.

We love knowing were loved and we appreciated. We treasure gifts or sentiments that come from the heart. Time-off is also greatly appreciated, because we both know moms clock a lot of hours.

As Mother’s Day approaches and you find yourself thinking about the perfect gift for the mom(s) you completely adore, be sure to keep it simple.

Below are some gift ideas my mother-in-law and I came up with – which may be the perfect gift for that special mom or mother-in-law in your life.

A day off. This is a simple and practical gift. Leave mom alone, for the amount of time she wants, and let her do whatever it is she needs to do. If she wants to share what she did with you, great. If not, then don’t ask for an executive summary of her “day-off” events.

Family picture. With everything being so digital, many families are forgetting to take an annual family picture. (I remember we took ours at church each year.) Mom will love it if you organize the family picture and get everyone ready for it (including picture-taking attire). If she just has to show up and not work hard at getting things prepared, this will make her shine a mega-watt smile. If you cannot organize all of this before Mother’s Day, no problem. Just let mom know it’s in the works – but of course you have to follow through.

Take a class. If your mother-in-law has been expressing an interest in taking a class herself or she would like to take a class with you – set it up. There are so many options out there and you just need to open your mind to it. You can present your mother-in-law with a gift card/certificate explaining what the class will be. My mother-in-law and I are thinking about taking a children’s book writing class together – all we need to do is actually find one in our area.

Music. Our multigenerational nest loves music and we have various tastes in music. You may want to take your mom to the concert of her favorite artist. You could create a playlist of current songs you like or songs that have special meaning to your mother-in-law. If your children have musical talent, you could record (audio and/video) them playing a special piece for their grandmother.

Clean-up. You can send the mother of your children and your mom out on a spa day (with lunch included). While they are gone, you can clean the entire house. If you are not much of a cleaner, hire a cleaning service. Don’t tell the moms you are doing this – so they’ll l be shocked and happily surprised returning home to a sparkling and clean home. (Make sure you have champagne waiting too.)

Schedule doctors’ appointments. It’s spring time and summer vacation is right around the corner. This is usually when moms are making doctors’ appointments, along with a gazillion other moms. It can be chaotic and a bit stressful to fit all of this in – especially if you have more than one child. Talk to your wife/partner and find out what doctors’ appointments need to made – and then do the scheduling. If you want to get extra bonus points, be sure to take the kids to these appointments and fill out all the updates on paperwork.

Multigenerational trip. You can do all the planning for this and it’ll be well worth the wait.

Just ask. Ask the special mom in your life what she wants on her special day – and get it for her.

Here’s a simple and fun craft project – Mother’s Day inspirational cubes -  that you may want to have on hand.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!




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This Moment {5.6.11}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by SouleMama.

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so lucky to be the mom of these two magical people!

Visit SouleMama to see more {this moment} posts.

Feel free to share your {this moment} link here.


Giveaway {Gina Rogers Photography}

I am excited to partner with Gina Rogers because (1) she’s a rockin’ mama, and (2) she is the photographer behind the great pictures of Margot and me on it’s a full nest.

Checkout this gorgeous multigenerational family – photo shoot by Gina.

Gina is offering an amazing giveaway for folks in Colorado (yup – only Colorado).

Giveaway details

One free mini session which includes:

  • 30 minute photo shoot
  • 10-15 images
  • 5×7 prints of those images
  1. The photo shoot will be for a baby, child/children, or family of 6 or less
  2. The shoot will be held in Boulder, Colorado.
  3. A model release must be signed so the images can be used online for Gina’s blog & website.
  4. The session must be redeemed before Mother’s Day. (May 8th, 2011)

How do I enter?

For one entry, leave a comment on this post telling us one of the following items:

  1. When was the last time your family was photographed professionally?
  2. What is your fondest memory of your grandparents?

For an additional entry, follow @itsafullnest on twitter and send us a tweet with:

  1. A fun, wacky, sweet or favorite saying by a parent, in-law or grandparent.
  2. Include #fullnest11 with your tweet.


This giveaway will close on Saturday, April 23, 2011.

A random winner will be selected and announced April 25, 2011.

¡Buena Suerte!


Mother’s Day 2011 {let’s celebrate}

Is it May yet?

I’m not trying to rush through April, but it’s not necessarily my favorite month of the year. My work-life ramps up only to abruptly taper down – like falling off a cliff – and I get a bit cranky.

On a positive note – the April stuff I actually enjoy is celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday.

I love the rebirth and newness of spring. I pay attention to the verbose chirping of the birds outside my bedroom window, waking me up way before 6 a.m. I try to plant something and hope it lives beyond a month.

I spend more time sitting on the porch with my multigenerational family after dinner. My mother-in-law will sometimes sit in the rocking chair she repurposed and share random news bits.

She’ll mention local events that may interest all of us or she’ll talk about people (who I don’t know) from her hometown. I like these random mother-in-law ramblings (hey – in a good way) and mellow downtime that settles me after a hectic and busy day.

Then the month of May arrives, my favorite month of the year. I get a burst of energy and I’m skipping around (literally).

Both my children were born in the month of May, and the extra amazing part about that is my mother-in-law was my birth coach. Yes, she was right there for the birth of her “bookend” grandchildren (bookend meaning the oldest and youngest grandchildren),

School ends, for the kids, at the end of May and then the luxury of summer leisure arrives.

The other gem of May is Mother’s Day. Yes, I love Mother’s Day because mothers are awesome, amazing, and deserve a special day. (I’m willing to lobby for a mother’s month, but let me not get ahead of myself.)

I’ve been asked if I mind sharing Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law.

My answer:  No.

Honestly, I think that’s an odd question. I’m sharing mother’s day with a whole lot of moms I don’t know, so why not celebrate with a mom who I know well – and who helped bring my babies into this world?

There’s no true competition between the moms in this multigenerational household – although I can have some mental lapses about this. Just sayin’! There is enough room, love, and joy to spread around on Mother’s Day – and any other day.

I asked some great moms in my life about the best gift they received on Mother’s Day, and here’s what they said:

  1. The best gifts from the kids for Mother’s Day have always been hand-made cards because they are personal and took time to draw and thought to write. –C.H.
  2. Maybe some spa treatments, manicure, a great dinner and movie, or a romantic gateway. A day where you do not do ANYTHING! –I.P.
  3. The best way to get the Mother’s day give you want is to ASK! Every Mother’s day weekend, I put my whole family to work with an annual list of spring household/garden tasks. The rules are no one can complain, everyone works together all day, and I get to blast whatever music I choose throughout the house and yard (although they are allowed to put their iPod headsets on when they’ve had enough). We’ve been doing this for years and it has created a lovely sense of us as a family team that is truly capable of working together. It has also afforded everyone with lots of fun time freedom on other spring weekends because all the dirty work has been done! Now that the kids are departing the nest for college, this will be the first year that we won’t be able to have this annual event. I’m sure I will miss it more than them, but I’m willing to wager that the kids will institute a similar tradition in their own households someday but with a twist…spa day added for everyone on the following weekend! – P.H.
  4. I got a brand-new, red jeep Cherokee one year. It had been delivered to our house by a friend, with a love note attached to the windshield, signed by my husband. I was the first to see it on the driveway, thinking, “Who do we know with a red jeep?” I was totally surprised! Totally! Other years I’d been given the prettiest flowers. – C.Z.
  5. The kids put on roller blades, put tissue paper flames out of the back of the blades, dressed up in “cool” clothes and did a “Mother’s Day 3D rollerblading show” in the kitchen. My mom was there too, from out of town, which made it even better. –K.C.H.
  6. My best Mother’s day gift was a bracelet. Why: It was made by Andrés when he was in 3rd grade. I love it because it was made by him. – I.P.
  7. I liked a picnic outing with all my kids. We had lovely food, wine, and some fun in the park. But that’s me with older kids…over 21. –D.N.L.
  8. My favorite and absolute best mother day gift is when my husband takes over some of my typical “mom duties” to give me a break that day.  He makes breakfast and then cleans up the kitchen, we plan a fun family outdoor activity (hiking, biking, etc.), he gets our son dressed, packs snacks or a lunch, and out we go.  For me, I get to enjoy the meals, the exercise and hanging out with my guys without any of the work!  Perfect!  I’ll take that kind of gift over anything you can buy online or in a store. –K.W.
  9. Breakfast in bed, homemade cards and spa gift cards because they were made with love by my kids and I desperately needed the massage. –K.M.
  10. I took the letters of Mother and wrote out what my mom means to me beginning with each letter. Example: M – Memories. Mom you have created my lifetime memories. My fondest memory is you always being there when I had been hurt physically, emotionally or spiritually. You always had the right words of encouragement when I was down. This meant the world to my mom and she has kept it for years. –C.M.
  11. Something just made and not purchased.  In time it will increase in cuteness, that was made by a kid of mine.  Yes, just by them and their two little hands. -G.B. (my mother-in-law)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Plan something special and unique for the moms you love, admire, and who make you smile.

Come back tomorrow to check out our awesome giveaway.

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No more wooden spoons!

As a gen-xer born in the 70s, there were certain parenting techniques that were employed. YES, my parents spanked me (sorry mom, but I’m spilling the beans).

No, I’m not bitter about this. I just find it super odd that my mother acts like it never happened and I better not DARE lay a hand on her two grandchildren.

I was sitting around the other evening with my mother-in-law watching Jeopardy (we watch it EVERY night). At a commercial break I told her that my hubby had considered buying a wooden spoon (a plain ole kitchen one), wrapping it up all nice and pretty, and giving it to her for Mother’s Day, as a joke.


I chuckled, she didn’t.

She turned bright red and said, “Oh, I would have been so embarrassed.

Whoa! Not the response I had expected.

You see, my mom used a belt to lay down the law and my MIL used a wooden spoon for my hubby and his two siblings.

I quickly told my MIL that she needn’t be embarrassed. The 70s were experimental and wacky. Nobody knew what was going on (disco anyone?). But no, she was clearly upset.

She said she’s glad things have gotten better and that we don’t have to parent like that any longer. Hmm… I had not thought about it in those terms.

I never told my MIL this, but I often thought she viewed my hubby and me as lightweight parents when it came to discipline.  We don’t yell and we don’t spank. We talk it out with the kids, do time-outs, revoke privileges (which in reality only punishes US), and sometimes just throw our hands up and grab a cocktail. (OK – the cocktails are just a quick fix when we’ve lost our minds.)

That brief exchange about the wooden spoon was enlightening.

I didn’t mention the wooden spoon conversation to my husband, but I know I won’t let him gift his mother with a wooden spoon. Some things of the past should stay there.

What’s your stance on spanking? How do you discipline your child (ren)? Do the grandparents offer you any “tips” on disciplining your child(ren)?