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Please stop for the school bus


I had to watch this news story two times to really get my head wrapped around it.


Mornings are busy for multigenerational families, well…families in general.

I was a bit shocked to hear the matriarch talk about the bus driver taking too long talking to the parent of a physically disabled child. What parent or grandparent wouldn’t appreciate their child being well looked after once you hand them off to a school bus driver?

And…if this busy multigenerational family knows what time the bus stops by their home – and they do not have time to wait for the bus – why wouldn’t they adjust their leaving time?

Leave earlier or later – to avoid the school bus all together. Revise your morning routine so you do not have to speed out of your driveway – but don’t drive on the sidewalk.

None of us are in such a rush that we have to jeopardize the safety of children.

That’s just foolish!

What do you think?


image: mothercopper.com