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Multigenerational holiday gifts – ideas #3, #4, #5 and #6

So, I’ve gotten a tad bit behind on holiday gift ideas for multigenerational families because 1) I’ve been doing a bunch of fun shopping (not always buying) and 2) I’ve been crafting like crazy in my “home-elf” workshop. Now I have so many gift ideas, it’s hard to know where to start, but I’ll put my brain on regular speed to highlight some fun gift ideas.

Gift of reading

Our multigenerational family loves books and reading. Trips to the library result in multiple reusable bags filled with book, magazines, DVDs, activity bags, and music. Trips to the bookstore, especially a used bookstore, can be quite dangerous. It’s hard to have restraint, especially when the selection is good, the prices are just right, and you have a coupon.

My daughter had the great of idea of creating a family book basket. Each person in the house gets to select a book they love. You put all the books in a basket (or any container of your choice), write a short paragraph saying why you love this book, and then you give the book basket as a gift.

Another idea was to create your own audio books, especially if there are some pre-readers in the family or a family member who may have a visual impairment. You can use a video camera (often found on your computer) or perhaps an audio recorder for this project. You can still select the books you love or maybe a book you know a family member has wanted to read. You record yourself reading the book and then include the audio/video portion with gift.

Gift of music

There are so many choices for gifting someone with music. I love to create playlists of songs that I enjoy and give them to friends and family. This year, we decided to create a multigenerational playlists where we all suggested some songs and then made the mix.

Here are some of the songs that made the cut for our two mixes:

If you have any musicians in your multigenerational home (aspiring or accomplished), it would be fun to record them showcasing their musical talents and then give that as a gift.

Gift of health

I’m not going down the road of New Year resolutions with this gift, but I will make a plug for good health and fun together as a family. A membership to a local health club or recreation center is a perfect gift for a multigenerational family.

Our local recreation center offers various classes (fitness, crafts, educational), has a fitness center, a pool, a senior center, and a childcare center.  Making it a habit to go the to recreation center together encourages a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness (especially if you are into cooking).

Gift of cooking

Well, if you have spent anytime following this blog, you know my nest loves to cook and eat. Yes, it’s one of our best past times.

You can create your own family recipe book by having everyone contribute a recipe that they have tried, created, or just really love. With all the technology available, the family recipe book could be word processed, or you could use a cute and fun recipe box. If you like scrapbooking, you could apply those skills to creating a family recipe book.

Why not have a cooking party where all family members participate? You could have this “holiday” cooking party and select a theme that everyone would agree upon. Perhaps have everyone contribute an idea and you throw the ideas into a hat and select one. Maybe there was a movie that everyone enjoyed and you could create a cooking party theme based on that (e.g. A Christmas Story – create the dinner from the Chinese restaurant).

OK, if the cooking party is too much, just enroll in a cooking class. There are many cooking classes that are geared toward family participation. You show up with your apron, cook, make a mess, and then go home with good recipes and memories.

The price range and extravagance can vary for many cooking classes. There should be lots of choices for your multigenerational family.

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Multigenerational holiday gifts – idea #2

How do tea (hot or cold), scones, jam, finger sandwiches, champagne, cookies, and other decadent goodies sound to you?

I know, sign us up too!

I think about sitting next to the fireplace, listening to fun music (holiday favorites and bossa nova), sipping tea or hot cocoa, chatting and laughing with my family, and nibbling on homemade pastries. For me, this is a fabulous DIY tea party.

Hosting your own tea party or going to afternoon tea at a local restaurant is an excellent holiday gift that many multigenerational families can enjoy. The tea party can be as fancy, simple, creative, and wacky as you want. It’s completely up to you.

Many families like to get together for holiday gatherings, but for some, the idea of planning a family gathering can be overwhelming. An afternoon tea creates the space and opportunity for everyone to slow down, relax, and reconnect. It’s a cozy event that can provide a tranquil moment during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Whether you plan to host your own tea party or make reservations, remain mindful. Focus on the peaceful aspects of the season. Relish the feelings you have for your family. Offer each other the gift of time.

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Multigenerational holiday gifts – idea #1

Margot and I were recently talking about holiday shopping and all the fun and creative gift  choices out there. We decided we would provide some gift ideas that focus on multigenerational living.

My first suggestion, for any multigenerational family, is an annual membership to the botanic gardens in your area. We have been members for about two years and our visits never get old.

If the botanic gardens are too far from where you live, or a challenge to get to, perhaps a local arboretum would work out too.

My family visits the gardens about three times per month and we always leave feeling inspired, relaxed, and renewed. The visits are always different and we discover something new – in addition to spending quality time together.

The nice thing about the annual membership is the affordability. Investing in the membership ensures, in many ways, we actually go.

Sometimes all five of venture out to bask in the beauty of the gardens or smaller groups of our family will make the visit. Either way, a great time is had by all.

Here are my multigenerational family’s top reasons for loving the gardens:

  1. Accessibility for any family member
  2. Bringing our picnic
  3. So many photo opportunity
  4. Being outside
  5. Beauty and tranquility
  6. Learning about all the plants
  7. Lots of gorgeous things to draw and sketch
  8. Participating in the various events offered by the gardens
  9. Seeing other multigenerational families having a great time too