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Learning from my mother-in-law

My mother-in-law has been reading a lot of poetry lately. She has been sharing her old favorites and new favorites with us.  It’s fun to watch her read her favorite parts and observe the various emotions she displays as she read the poems.

Here’s a recent re-discovery.

Wordle: DorothyParker

The Little Old Lady in Lavender Silk

by Dorothy Parker

I was seventy-seven, come August,

I shall shortly be losing my bloom;

I’ve experienced zephyr and raw gust

and (symbolical) flood and simoom.


When you come to this time of abatement,

To this passing from Summer to Fall,

It is manners to issue a statement

As to what you got out of it all.


So I’ll say, though reflection unnerves me

And pronouncements I dodge as I can,

That I think (if my memory serves me)

There was nothing more fun than a man!


In my youth, when the crescent was too wan

To embarrass with beams from above,

By the aid of some local Don Juan

I fell into the habit of love.


And I learned how to kiss and be merry-

Education left better unsung.

My neglect of the waters Pierian

Was a scandal, when Grandma was young.


Though the shabby unbalanced the splendid,

And the bitter outmeasured the sweet,

I should certainly do as I then did,

Were I given the chance to repeat.


For contrition is hollow and wraithful,

And regret is no part of my plan,

And I think (if my memory’s faithful)

There was nothing more fun than a man.


This Moment {10.28.11}

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies. 

~Rudolph Giuliani

A Friday ritual.

A single photo bunch of photos – inspirational words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by SouleMama.
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Feel free to share your {this moment} link in the comment section and/or any inspirational words.

What I Love About Today {9.24.11}

Sleeping until 9:00a.m.

Starting the day slowly.

Laughing and analyzing, with my mother-in-law, the Dear Abby advice request, from overwhelmed grandparents.

Designing a graphic for heat transfers – for the t-shirts I’m creating for Girls’ Night Out.

Stocking up on supplies at the craft shop. I’m super excited to try out these iron-on crystals.

Having the cashier recognize my son because he’s in the craft shop, all the time, with my mother-in-law.

Taking my time browsing at the library.

Watching The Rescuers with my kids. (An oldie by goodie)

Sneaking in a quick nap, while watching The Rescuers and my kids actually letting me sleep.

Eating leftover carnitas that my mother-in-law made for last night’s family get-together. Yum!

Putting the final touches on my interview with Gail R. Mitchell. Amazing lady!

Setting up next week’s giveaway, in partnership with Jen E Embroidery. So talented!

Running upstairs to fetch my power cord and finding hubby sneaking in his own nap.

Taking a break, from writing this list, to play tic-tac-toe with  my son.

What are you loving about today? Please share your list or your link – to your own What I Love About Today post/list.




International Mother’s Day {yes, more time to honor mom}

Did you think Mother’s Day was over?

Nope, not quite yet.

My father-in-law sends roses to my mother-in-law every year on Mother’s Day

Many parts of Latin America, specifically México, are celebrating Mother’s Day today. May 11 is International Mother’s Day, so we’ve still got a lot of celebrating to do.

I enjoyed an easy and relaxing Mother’s Day this past weekend. My multigenerational family planned a low-key and delightful celebration for my mother-in-law and me.

I was able to sleep-in until about 8:00 a.m. My youngest was eager to get the day started and he wanted to make some projects.

Hubby and the kids took me on a brunch picnic. It was a gorgeous day and we spent much of it outside enjoying each other’s company.

Visiting the new chocolatier was amazing. I was happy they had some non-dairy-nut-egg treats for the four-year-old. He was happy to gobble them up.

Taking a moment to cool off in the creek was a must. It was hard to get the kids out of there so we could go home for my afternoon nap.

Hubby and our 11-year-old prepared a simple and delicious dinner for my mother-in-law and me. We sat on the back deck, talked, listened to music, laughed, and ate – while the 4-year-old made mud cakes. The cards and gifts were mostly handmade – which is something my mother-in-law and I both cherish.

As I sat there observing my multigenerational family and watching them interact joyously, I felt content and blessed. I thought back to my amazing grandmothers and wondered how it would have been to live with them, as I grew up, full-time.

My hubby did have the opportunity to live with his maternal grandparents for a while and he has some great stories to share. (Maybe he’ll write a guest about this.)

Hubby’s twin brother – Grandma Martha (maternal grandmother)

So to all you amazing moms out there – I hope you realize and acknowledge your accomplishments in raising beautiful, healthy, and happy families. Cherish the mothers who helped nurture you to do this important work of mothering.

My mother-in-law holding her twin sons (my hubby is on the right) – Grandma Martha (maternal grandmother) – Hubby’s sister – Great-Grandma Sarah (maternal great-grandmother)

As your families honor you – remember to honor yourself through self-care and self-love. It may not seem like it – but there should always be time for moms to take care of themselves and to model this for their families.

Grandma Martha (maternal grandma) with hubby (center) and his siblings – family farm in Minnesota

If you feel you are falling short in this area (self-care & self-love) – stop and ask for help. Maybe your mother-in-law needs to move in to help you out.



Here’s a simple and fun craft project – Mother’s Day inspirational cubes.