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Setting clear intentions

It has been one hot and rainy summer in Colorado. Autumn is my favorite season and I’m glad it is on the way – because I need a bit of relief from the heat.

What is a bit sad though, with autumn’s arrival, is the departure of all the great daylight, specifically after work hours.

Hubby and I are currently taking advantage of the sun’s current late bedtime. We like to take an evening stroll, just the two of us – to reconnect our marriage dots. Our rules, during this 20-to-30 minute stroll are:

  • No talk about work
  • Share at least one dream – or how you are moving closer to that dream
  • Share one thing that is working well in our multigenerational family – and one that needs improvement
  • Breathe deeply
  • Hold hands – for as long as possible

Last night’s walk was closer to 30 minutes and for whatever reason, hubby and I were discussing the power of setting intentions. We talked about how we both feel a surge of good energy when we send a clear message to ourselves about how we want our work day, evening at home, family outing, downtime, etc…to go. We agreed that sharing these intentions with other, our kids, and my mother-in-law is a great way to keep communication clear and to open ourselves up to support within our nest. We also agreed sharing these intentions holds us accountable and we are setting a good example for our kids.

Since I’ve recently returned to work, after a month long vacation, I have set the intention to get enough sleep. That means I need to be clear about what I can get done at work and how much work I need to bring home. I also need to be clear about making sure exercising doesn’t get bumped off my schedule because lately, that’s been the first thing to go.

I did talk to my mother-in-law about my wellness intentions and told her that I would be leaving the house earlier on certain days or coming home later so that I could workout. She thought that was a good idea – so it’s out there and I need to take that step. I’ve also shared this wellness intention with my children and I’ve asked them to reach out to their father or my mother-in-law if they need something and while I’m working out in our home. They gave me some long sighs, but then agreed once I explained I need to take good care of myself in order to take good care of them.

As hubby and I were returning from our walk, and feeling energized by our intention chat, we ran into our neighbors who have a one-year-old daughter. We chatted about their summer vacation, if we had or had not met the new family that moved into our neighborhood, and then they wanted to know how we were on a walk – alone – without the kids.

Hubby casually mentioned his mother was in the house with the kids and our neighbors gave us a look of longing because as working parents, with a young baby, they would love to have a granny nanny too. I smiled and said,

“If you really want a multigenerational set-up similar to ours, then be clear and set an intention.”

Our neighbor said he would get right on that.

How often do you set a clear intention for yourself? What process or steps do you use?

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