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Hey IAFN Readers,

I’ve been writing like crazy – super determined to finish my eBook on nurturing in-law relationships.

I’ll write something- and think I’m done – but then a coaching client with bring up another gem that should for sure BE in the book.

This is indeed a labor of love – which I liken to the time, energy, patience, and openness that goes into nurturing a thriving a multigenerational nest.

And with that…I’m listening to my oldest play Lady Gaga Fugue on the piano – before my mother-in-law whisks her off to piano lessons. I also have a snugly person on my lap which is making typing this a pleasant challenge.

Yup, a quick peek into our this multigenerational nest on an average Tuesday.

I leave you with these lovely nests – that I Googled and found on Pinterest when I was relaxing my brain and taking a writing break.




My cake decorating skills kinda don’t exist. But, I’m thinking my multigenerational nest would love to create these cupcakes.

source – Martha Stewart


Loved that Leslie, my friend, captured this beautiful picture – tucked in the eaves at her home.

source – Leslie Bixler


Looks yummy and easy to make, yes?



Just imagine the names from our multigenerational nest – engraved on these rocks.



This would be fun to make with my kids and my mother-in-law, but I don’t want to distract my mother-in-law from making my new Wonder Woman apron.



How I feel about our multigenerational home.



‘Nuff said!