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The week is just starting and I’m already super tired.

I feel jumbled like this Wordle.

Wordle: Adventures in multigenerational-ville

That’s not good, not good at all.

So, I need to decide – right  now – today – how I will proceed.

Here are my ideas – posted here – to keep me honest:

  1. Make sure I exercise at least 30 minutes, Monday – Thursday, this week.
  2. Skip family dinner once this evening – and just do nothing. I’m still on my self-care diet.
  3. Have a toast, with my mother-in-law, and celebrate 4-year-old soccer being over (one less thing to d0 and coordinate).
  4. Thank my mother-in-law for helping with the laundry, and have the rest of the family dig for their clothes out of the clean laundry baskets – this week. Yup, I do that from time-to-time.
  5. Work on my various project, and not freak out that some are a bit on the tardy side.
  6. Breathe.

What’s your week like this week?