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Jerry Jones – collaborative father-in-law?

Oh, I love a great in-law dynamics chuckle!

Two friends sent texts to me asking if I had watched the Dallas Cowboys football game.

Uhm, no. I believe I was up to my eyeballs in:

  • reading Busy Busy Town,
  • serving as the master quizzer with French flashcards (Lord! Why didn’t she take Spanish – a language I actually know!),
  • attempting to brush tiny teeth – even when the tiny mouth will not open wide enough for me to get way back there,
  • and following the Twitter feed about the DNC.

No, no football.

So…to get me in the funny know about Jerry Jones and his son-in-law cleaning his glasses, my friend sent this video clip.


Nothing like a great multigenerational/in-laws chuckle on pre-Friday!


Wedding Anniversary

Happy anniversary to hubby – and to my mother-in-law – because this is the day she assumed this role with me.

Traditionally  the 14th wedding anniversary gift is ivory.

I love the significance of ivory, and I think it says a lot about:

  • a thriving marriage,
  • an open-heart multigenerational household,
  • an authentic mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship,
  • and co-creating a lifestyle that nurtures you.

I created this video to express a little about the joy and accomplishment I’m feeling today. Enjoy!

Wedding day – guest book. Made by hubby.

Wedding dress – made by my mother-in-law.

Fun, hot, and humid wedding ceremony.

Mrs. and  Mr. strolling down the aisle. Check out my mother-in-law, to back left, in the beautiful dress she made for herself.

My mother-in-law’s father said something super funny to me. Now I wish I could remember what is was.



Katie Holmes’ Divorce: Multigenerational Smackdown!

I’m outing myself.

I have been following the news about Katie Holmes’ stealth divorce from Tom Cruise in People Magazine, US Weekly, and on various news outlets (aka tabloid press) on the internet.

Judge me if you must – but I’m fascinated by this drama and amazed at how Ms. Holmes pulled it all off.

Having just read OMG! on Yahoo – my head is spinning. Katie was not playing! She wanted out, she wanted her freedom, and she was not going to settle for joint custody.

I’m not mad at her. Cheers, Ms. Holmes!

When I read how she enlisted the help, support, and “we don’t play that!” help of her parents – I was practically applauding.

OMG! stated,

“It turns out one of the toughest attorneys Holmes had on her side was reportedly her own father. “It’s his way or the highway,” a fellow attorney tells People of Martin Holmes, 67, a top divorce lawyer in Toledo, Ohio, who helped lay out Holmes’ strategy for the split. “He’ll look a storm in the eye and make sure he’s standing when it’s over,” adds former mayor Carty Finkbeiner. “

It’s been reported that after Katie filed for divorce from Cruise, a decision which is said to have “blindsided” the “Rock of Ages” actor, she fired all of his staffers, including his security detail, and replaced them with a new team that was vetted by her Ohio-based attorney father, Martin Holmes.”

CP Entertainment also reports:

“Katie’s father Martin Holmes is an attorney and he is giving advice to his daughter during the divorce proceedings. Katie is relying on her parents now more than ever and they have been her rock,” the insider added.

Hot damn and that’s what I’m talking about.

Of course I do not know the ins and outs of the Holmes/Cruise marriage and divorce, but I do know how important it is for a person to get help, support, and encouragement from family members when it’s time for a mega change.

Some people would continue to suffer through a bad marriage or awful situation in fear of how it would look to family members and others. They would choose to suffer in silence to keep up appearances. They would allow their egos to stifle their voice and need to ask for help.

My short message to Katie Holmes is:

  • You are never alone.
  • It’s great to have phenomenal multigenerational help and support.
  • Kudos to you for realizing this and taking action.
  • You have modeled for your daughter how to lean into fear and solicit help when you are at your most vulnerable.
  • Brava for taking your life back.

Ok, if you dare – what’s your take on all of this?

Photo: The Christian Post



Message to my younger self

I have been doing a lot of decluttering and purging this spring and summer. It feels good and so necessary.

Sometimes I wonder if other people have been dumping their stuff over here. Where did it all come from?

Plus, we may move to another state or opt to move into a different house in Colorado. I want to be ready as possible fir that transition.

During my decluttering mission – I decided to organize some pictures and I found this gem of my mother-in-law and me.

Aren’t we both so cute and coordinated in our orange? (Totally not planned.)

The picture is from April 2005 during a spring break visit. My mother-in-law was still living in Minnesota, my daughter was 5 ( turning 6 the next month), and my husband and I thought we would parent one child.

I remember this being a fun trip because my mother-in-law’s brother, and his family (wife and 3 kids) had traveled to Colorado, too.

I also remember feeling down in the dumps because I was very unhappy with my work situation and I was missing Chicago – and my life there – tremendously.

In looking back and seeing how things are now – I wish I could have eased into my fear of change and not used so much energy raging against it. I also wish I had given myself more room and space to dream big – so I could have gotten on with things, like having my second child, sooner.

Here’s a message to my younger self:

Hey girl!

This transition to Colorado has been a real bitch. Just admit it and stop keeping a stone face. Heck, shout it out loud when you go on your next hike.

The career situation is an F’n mess! You can’t find your fit in what you’re trying to do – and that’s OK, too. Work and learn and then you’ll be prepared to run your own show. You can’t see it now but your life is going to be so fun and amazing when you branch out on your own. You’ll see.

Don’t worry about doing the right thing or having the perfect plan. Whatever you commit to will be great and just right for you. It’s OK to change your mind and change it often if you want. Do what feels good.

Stop telling yourself that you’re having one child. You want two, but three might be pushing it. You’ll figure out how to keep the train on the right track for you. You’ll figure out how to support your husband’s growing career, his travel schedule, and raise happy children without loosing your mind. Tap into your unconventional creativity – the answers are there.

You and your mother-in-law are going to change the world and start a movement. You two will have people thinking about opting into a multigenerational lifestyle so they can co-create the life they want and need.  That’s what smart women do.

You will help people understand the importance of healthy in-law dynamics and maybe even become the mother-in-law whisperer – or something cool like that.

Enjoy the ride and stay in the moment. You are going to shake things up and have a blast doing it. And…when the second baby comes, you will loose the baby weight.



What message would you relay to your younger self?


Advice for teenagers

My daughter is turning 13 this week. I’m thrilled and freaking out a bit.
I enlisted some help from my multigenerational board of directors – a.k.a – fabulous women in my life.
Check out my video below and please leave a comment and/or words of advice for my soon to be teenager.
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Lucimarian Roberts – My Story, My Song

I was moved to tears while I watched Good Morning America, today.

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and I can never resist a story about family, faith, and friends.

Our multigenerational nest is in transition with my youngest heading to kindergarten in the fall. There are lots of thoughts, wonderings, fears, and celebrations around roles, relationships, progress, change and loss.

While watching the GMA story about Lucimarian Robert’s new book, it made me stop and identify the opportunities our current transition is presenting.

  • Renewal – keeping family connections fresh and thriving
  • Growth – avoiding stagnation and not settling
  • Leaning into strengths – because we all have them and that’s what makes this multigenerational living situation work
  • Forgiveness – super important to do and be aware of as we express ourselves appropriately and inappropriately
  • Patience – because we do not fully know what the future holds – and that’s OK

The overview of Lucimarian’s book and her message also made me think and mentally celebrate our unique and strong family ties – that have come out of our multigenerational living situation.

My big takeaways were:

  • Tapping into your life’s purpose keeps you mindful of what is really important.
  • Sharing the burden of daily living creates a meaningful life.
  • Family storytelling leaves an imprint on what you’ve built together.
  • Accessing humor, during challenging situations, positively fuels the soul.
  • All things can be achieved through grace.

If you saw or watched the interview – what were the takeaways for you?

How do these takeaways show up in your family – or your family interactions?