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Ultrasound party – a new multigenerational tradition?

I am someone who is addicted to theme parties. The wackier the theme – the better. I’m fully committed to coordinating the decorations, food, costumes, t-shirts…whatever it takes to highlight the theme.

This ultrasound party – I think – took theme parties to a completely different level.

I loved the multigenerational gathering highlighted in this video, but I started to think, “Is technology giving us too much access?

What I mean about access is will the fun anticipation of a new baby arriving be kicked to the curb? What will happen to that joyful build up leading to the baby’s birth? Will ultrasound parties become a bit hit and downplay the fun of a baby shower or sip and see?

What do you think?



Katie Holmes’ Divorce: Multigenerational Smackdown!

I’m outing myself.

I have been following the news about Katie Holmes’ stealth divorce from Tom Cruise in People Magazine, US Weekly, and on various news outlets (aka tabloid press) on the internet.

Judge me if you must – but I’m fascinated by this drama and amazed at how Ms. Holmes pulled it all off.

Having just read OMG! on Yahoo – my head is spinning. Katie was not playing! She wanted out, she wanted her freedom, and she was not going to settle for joint custody.

I’m not mad at her. Cheers, Ms. Holmes!

When I read how she enlisted the help, support, and “we don’t play that!” help of her parents – I was practically applauding.

OMG! stated,

“It turns out one of the toughest attorneys Holmes had on her side was reportedly her own father. “It’s his way or the highway,” a fellow attorney tells People of Martin Holmes, 67, a top divorce lawyer in Toledo, Ohio, who helped lay out Holmes’ strategy for the split. “He’ll look a storm in the eye and make sure he’s standing when it’s over,” adds former mayor Carty Finkbeiner. “

It’s been reported that after Katie filed for divorce from Cruise, a decision which is said to have “blindsided” the “Rock of Ages” actor, she fired all of his staffers, including his security detail, and replaced them with a new team that was vetted by her Ohio-based attorney father, Martin Holmes.”

CP Entertainment also reports:

“Katie’s father Martin Holmes is an attorney and he is giving advice to his daughter during the divorce proceedings. Katie is relying on her parents now more than ever and they have been her rock,” the insider added.

Hot damn and that’s what I’m talking about.

Of course I do not know the ins and outs of the Holmes/Cruise marriage and divorce, but I do know how important it is for a person to get help, support, and encouragement from family members when it’s time for a mega change.

Some people would continue to suffer through a bad marriage or awful situation in fear of how it would look to family members and others. They would choose to suffer in silence to keep up appearances. They would allow their egos to stifle their voice and need to ask for help.

My short message to Katie Holmes is:

  • You are never alone.
  • It’s great to have phenomenal multigenerational help and support.
  • Kudos to you for realizing this and taking action.
  • You have modeled for your daughter how to lean into fear and solicit help when you are at your most vulnerable.
  • Brava for taking your life back.

Ok, if you dare – what’s your take on all of this?

Photo: The Christian Post



50 Shades of Grey – in the multigenerational home

Are you sick of people talking about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy?

I’m not – and not just because of all the “mommy porn” talk.

I thought it was fun to read the trilogy, smirk at the horrible writing, Google some of the “tools” mentioned, and then loan the books to my mother-in-law.

Yes, I did loan the books to my mother-in-law and she read them all – quickly.

My mother-in-law and I rarely read the same books. She reads a lot of novels and DIY books. I read a lot of research articles and nonfiction books. Our multigenerational nest is very much into reading – so how fun was it for my mother-in-law and I to go down the 50 Shades rabbit hole together.

It brought up a lot of funny discussions.

The discussion topics that made me howl, laugh from my gut, give my mother-in-law the “uhm hmm” side nod, and had my husband quickly exiting the room were:

  1. Quick and spicy read – perfect with an adult libation and summer lounging.
  2. I requested a full trilogy book report from my mother-in-law. (Still waiting…)
  3. Why didn’t E.L. James make Christian Grey’s character older? George Clooney would be brilliant in that movie role.
  4. Does E.L. James own a thesaurus, and does she know how to use it?
  5. How does one discreetly list the trilogy on the summer reading log – for the local library?
  6. Maybe now is the time to invest in a Kindle, iPad, or Nook while reading these books out and about – or go old school, and make paper bag book covers – for the books.
  7. Hubby is ecstatic I read the trilogy – and read some passages out loud to him. How horrified is my hubby knowing his mother has read these books?
  8. Why is my own mother taking so long to start reading? Tick tock, mom!
  9. My mother-in-law wanted to know who is next in line – to borrow the trilogy. (She wants a full trilogy report from them!)
  10. What other saucy books am I hiding in my personal library – and when will I be loaning them to my mother-in-law?

So what has the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy done for our multigenerational nest?

Made us laugh. Offered my mother-in-law and me a girlfriend dish fest. Taught the grown folks some new vocabulary. Put a spark in our summer.

And how timely is this funny video I came across right after reading this article, Tough Topics: Sex in Senior Living.


Update: 7.11.12

My mother-in-law loved this post and wanted me to add to the list…

  • What was the point of E.L. James making Anastasia a virgin? How realistic is that for a 22 year-old?
  • The whole story could have been told in 300 pages – not 1600+.
  • My mother-in-law was meeting with our neighbor’s mom – and they discussed the saucy trilogy – and then giggled when thinking how their own parents would react.

Never a dull moment around here.

Did you read the trilogy?

Why do you think there is all this buzz?

Would you loan your copies of the trilogy to your mother or mother-in-law?


The Urban Nester

I love new discoveries.

Yesterday, after a productive and creative meeting with a fellow coach, I walked past the cutest little shop called Nest.

You know it stopped me in my tracks and I had to take a peek.

I spent about an hour walking around the shop, touching things, reading, smelling heavenly scents, trying out lotion, and I caught myself singing (out loud) a contemporary version of The Rainbow Connection.

I was having a feast of the senses.

Mel, the lovely woman working, was super helpful in helping me select some luscious linen spray and she gave me tips on how to save my multigenerational nest’s floundering garden. (Yes, it was a mash-up conversation.)

If you are in the local area, I encourage you to checkout the gems at Nest. I’m 99% sure it’ll be a great experience.





Denise Richards discusses her career and motherhood

This morning, I was hosing my five-year-old off in the shower – you know that technique, right? Put liquid bath soap on your kid – then stand him/her in the shower – and use the movable shower to hose said kid off.

Anyway – I was in the process of doing that, yelling for my 13-year-old to get up and moving because we had to get the the orthodontists, and I was checking in on Robin Roberts’ interview with Denise Richards.

This was all before I had any coffee or my green smoothie.

I loved what Denise had to say about:

  • positively co-parenting with Charlie Sheen,
  • focusing on the needs of her children,
  • wanting a big family,
  • and balancing her role as a mom and working single parent – with the help of her live-in dad.

Yes, Denise Richards knows and understands the importance of asking for help and getting it. She has opted to have a multigenerational household.

Denise talked about her father being an amazing support for her and her daughters when she has to travel for work. She mentioned her father being a great grandfather to his granddaughters and making their family work.

Denise alluded to the challenges that come with being a single mother, and she also made it clear that she is living her life and parenting in a way that worked for her.

Brava, Denise!

As I have mentioned before, multigenerational living is not for everyone. But for those of us who seek it out and opt in, we are basking in the joys of creating our own balanced life.

What support or help do you seek out to balance your life as a parent?


Oprah + Kardashians

Happy Hump Day!

I just got over the hump of preparing tomorrow’s presentation for a group of computer scientists I’m coaching. Yeah, riveting and chaotic.

The work is amazing and riveting.

The chaos stems from me doing tag team child care (with hubby) and working from  home – while my mother-in-law is gone on vacation. (We miss her!)

So…when my brain is a bit full and I need a little break, I hop on Facebook. (Yes, I know you do it, too, but your secret is safe with me.)

I scanned my news feed and stopped and clicked when I saw Oprah’s post about interviewing the Kardashians. What?

Do I watch all the shows related to the Kardashians?

Yes, when I’m folding the laundry.

Do we have a lot of laundry?

Yes, so that means I’m watching the Kardashians – a bunch!

And…in minor self-defense, the Kardashians are a multigenerational family – so that interests me – a bunch!

I liked Oprah’s teaser questions and prompts:

  • I did a full on Kardashian Kram in preparation, watching major shows from every season.
  • I genuinely wanted to know why they have become a cultural phenomenon?
  • Why do so many people love to watch their every move and why do so many others love to hate them.
  • Are they completely ego centered?
  • Are they really “famous for being famous” or is there something more?
  • This interview I’d say was another level of forthrightness and honesty.

I can’t wait to watch this August interview. The thing is, I’m going to have to take my laundry to a friend’s house because our multigenerational nest does not have OWN in our cable line up.

Ok, dish!

What do you think about the Kardashians? Do you love or hate them?