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The Urban Nester

I love new discoveries.

Yesterday, after a productive and creative meeting with a fellow coach, I walked past the cutest little shop called Nest.

You know it stopped me in my tracks and I had to take a peek.

I spent about an hour walking around the shop, touching things, reading, smelling heavenly scents, trying out lotion, and I caught myself singing (out loud) a contemporary version of The Rainbow Connection.

I was having a feast of the senses.

Mel, the lovely woman working, was super helpful in helping me select some luscious linen spray and she gave me tips on how to save my multigenerational nest’s floundering garden. (Yes, it was a mash-up conversation.)

If you are in the local area, I encourage you to checkout the gems at Nest. I’m 99% sure it’ll be a great experience.





Multigenerational Round-up 1.20.12

Multigenerational Stuff I’m Lovin’ This Week (…or shaking my head at):

Granny Is My Wingman

This granddaughter and grandmother duo are full of sass, real talk, and living life to the fullest.  Kaylee and Gayle chronicle their internet dating adventures on their blog, grannyismywingman. So much I want to say about how internet dating goes down in our multigenerational household – but I don’t want to sleep with one eye open. I’ll stick to reading Kaylee’s blog.

Family Matters: Multigenerational Families in a Volatile Economy

Generations United has put together an amazing report called: Family Matters: Multigenerational Families in a Volatile Economy. The report outlines the factors that contribute to families selecting or being forced to build a multigenerational household.

The statistics paint a picture of societal factors that are often overlooked. The resources, provided in the report, are highly beneficial and easily accessible. Do not become overwhelmed by the size of this report. Take a look at it in small chunks – because the information is a must read.


Well, this I gave this TV show one glance – and now I am going to pass. A few things I will mention are marrying another person and springing it on the in-laws is tricky, terrifying, and will certainly cause a raucous. I mean, think about all the planned marriages – that still fall into the “family drama” territory.

I wish the acting wasn’t so over-the-top, and I also wish they would show the complexities of being a multigenerational family and offer realistic solutions that will still have us laughing. I mean – over in this full nest – laughter is a must have on a daily basis!

Happy Birthday to the Frist Lady, Michelle Obama!

I completely adore the relationship Mrs. Obama and her mother, Mrs. Robinson, have in regards to their multigenerational family. Mrs. Robinson reminds me of my mother-in-law when she says, “The main thing that I think needs to be taught to children is the ability to think and make decisions,… You don’t have to have a lot of information, but you have to know how to get through the process. If you make mistakes you don’t just decide ‘I will never do that again.

As my mother-in-law and I are trying to up the healthy eating factor in our multigenerational home, I echo Mrs. Obama’s thoughts on a healthy lifestyle that’s still fun and human.  Mrs. Obama says, “I love burgers and fries, you know? And I love ice cream and cake. So do most kids,” the first lady said. “We’re not talking about a lifestyle that excludes all that. That’s the fun of being a kid. That’s the fun of being a human.

Homes Built for Multi-Generational Families

Mo Rocca’s report on housing for multigenerational families was fantastic. The one “problem” I had is Mo didn’t interview my family. Anyway…I loved the mom/grandma, Linda, in the report. I enjoyed her spunk and love of kicking it to casinos to her girlfriends.

Home builders’ response to more multigenerational families having a need to keep the core family’s lifestyle intact – with the addition of an extended family member moving in – is a critical point in making a successful transition to a multigenerational household.


This Moment {10.28.11}

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies. 

~Rudolph Giuliani

A Friday ritual.

A single photo bunch of photos – inspirational words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by SouleMama.
Visit SouleMama to see more {this moment} posts.
Feel free to share your {this moment} link in the comment section and/or any inspirational words.

Kanesha goes an a diet, a self-care diet.

Did you know September is Self-Improvement Month?

Yup, it sure is.

When August was ending and I was looking ahead to September, I wanted to make sure I was moving ahead in various areas of my life.

I identified five key areas to work on:

Multigenerational family:  Slowing down to spend more time together. Focusing on communication to avoid the bumpy patches we had experienced in the spring.

Work:  Transitioning from my faculty position to work on my personal/professional coaching business full-time. Writing and blogging more.

Marriage:  Being intentional about spending quality time together as a couple to keep our connection strong.

Friends:  Shrinking my circle to sustain true and enduring relationships.

Self-care:  Taking better care of myself by listening to my body, relaxing my mind, nurturing my spirit, and igniting my creativity.

I created my September list in hopes of making sure I was tending to all five areas on my list. By the middle of the month, I noticed I was doing well with the top four areas, and not so well with the last area on my list – self-care. (Now, I’m wondering why I listed self-care as the fifth item. Hmm…)

I found myself excited and working hard on writing and coaching. I was losing time creating and this felt exhilarating. At the same time, my brain was tired and I wasn’t exercising. I had so many ideas swirling that I found it hard to rest in the evenings. I was out of balance with resting and playing. I was not tending to my own self-care.

Then, I happened upon Pam Slim’s presentation on 10 Ways to Maintain Your Sanity While Hustling Your Startup. This was right on time.

I paid particular attention to Pam’s fifth Sanity Keeperchoose wheatgrass juice over a crack pipe.

My takeaway was I needed to be taking exceptional care of myself – right now – so I could have the health and energy to master my list of five.

That day (in mid-September), I immediately got up from my desk, took a 10 minute walk, and put myself on a self-care diet. Yup, a self-care diet.

I tapered my to-do list. I scheduled more time for physical activity. I started eating lunch slowly, making more crafts, and resting more. I tracked my progress on my self-care diet by making sure I was nurturing my mind, body, spirit, and creativity daily. This meant I had to say no to other things – a lot – and that felt great.

September is wrapping up which means Self-Improvement Month is coming to a close. BUT, this does not mean my self-care diet is ending. I’m committed to maintaining my self-care practices and I have shared my intentions with my multigenerational family.  They are going on this self-care diet, too. Yay!

I would love for you to join us! I’m kicking off a fun (and FREE) self-care series called:

The aim is for you (well, all of us) to use the next four weeks to nourish your mind, body, spirit, and creativity – at your own pace. Go as fast or as slow as you want. Stop and restart the series whenever you want.

I will be doing the same activities, with my multigenerational family, and would love some cyber company.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in signing-up, click here.


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What I Love About Today {9.24.11}

Sleeping until 9:00a.m.

Starting the day slowly.

Laughing and analyzing, with my mother-in-law, the Dear Abby advice request, from overwhelmed grandparents.

Designing a graphic for heat transfers – for the t-shirts I’m creating for Girls’ Night Out.

Stocking up on supplies at the craft shop. I’m super excited to try out these iron-on crystals.

Having the cashier recognize my son because he’s in the craft shop, all the time, with my mother-in-law.

Taking my time browsing at the library.

Watching The Rescuers with my kids. (An oldie by goodie)

Sneaking in a quick nap, while watching The Rescuers and my kids actually letting me sleep.

Eating leftover carnitas that my mother-in-law made for last night’s family get-together. Yum!

Putting the final touches on my interview with Gail R. Mitchell. Amazing lady!

Setting up next week’s giveaway, in partnership with Jen E Embroidery. So talented!

Running upstairs to fetch my power cord and finding hubby sneaking in his own nap.

Taking a break, from writing this list, to play tic-tac-toe with  my son.

What are you loving about today? Please share your list or your link – to your own What I Love About Today post/list.




The Versatile Blogger Award {clapping hands}

Sunday and Monday were a bit bumpy when I found out it’s a full nest landed on that Google security buffer site. Grrrr…!

I was lucky to have Kaye, from SandwichINK, send a DM on Twitter, to me, about my site being blocked. I thought about freaking out, eating a pint of Häagen-Dazs, and then staying in bed for days…but what good would that do?

I looked to Dr. Hubby to scrub it’s a full nest – and voilà, I was back on the blogsphere. (Thanks, Honey!)

And then today, I was thrilled and immediately thrown into a skip-about mood when I learned I received The Versatile Blogger award from the amazing author and blogger, Tia Bach, at Depression Cookies. (Check out her interview, with it’s a full nest, from January 2011.)

I thought back to Sunday night’s Emmy Awards and wished I had properly prepared an acceptance speech for this fantastic honor. Since I was not prepared (nor given a tiara and flowers like Melissa McCarthy), the best way for me to accept this award was to accept on behalf of my wonderful multigenerational family.

Family: You all rock! Thanks for keeping it fresh, humorous and oh-so-real. HUGS!

Here are the rules for me accepting this amazing award:

-Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
-Share 7 things about yourself.
-Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs.
  1. I’m extremely terrified of centipedes and millipedes. They freak me out!
  2. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer and enjoy discussing the fashion trends, from Vogue magazine, with my mother-in-law. (She has the subscription.)
  3. I sometimes eat cookies in bed – and I make sure I eat them on hubby’s side. (He loathes this.)
  4. My favorite thing to bake is sweet potato pie.
  5. I love to fold laundry while watching super awful reality TV (such as Real Housewives of …).
  6. I was the homecoming queen, my senior year, during undergrad. I still get teased about it.
  7. I’ve met my husband when he was 18-years-old and I thought he was too young for me to date. (So I waited until he was 21.)

Here are 15 bloggers are amazing and share amazing info. (This list is not ranked.)

  1. My Brown Baby
  2. Pink of Perfection
  3. Susan Hyatt – Ideal Life Design
  4. Bunny Cakes
  5. Austin Kleon
  6. Desiree Adaway
  7. Creative Mamma
  8. Donna’s Blog – Generations United
  9. Marcellus Hall – Drawger
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