Generation Know

Have you seen the latest U by Kotex TV commercial?

I was angrily picking up some LEGOs one afternoon – after howling upon stepping on one – when I heard an older woman say, “We would lose our virginity if we used a tampon.

Uhm, what?

I grabbed the TiVo remote so fast – stepped on another LEGO – rewound the commercial – and paid closer attention.

Oh wow!

Are girls still receiving bad information on this subject?

If so, the pain of of stepping on a LEGO pales in comparison to this.

The brilliance of this ad campaign is that it highlights how myths can be passed down through generations – and that now is the time to uncover the real facts.

I think about women I knew when I was in high school and college who never had anyone but the health teacher or school nurse cautiously explain  puberty to them – and how if the subject came up at home, it was ignored.

I asked a female relative how this topic was explained to her and how she went about explaining things to her own daughter (daughter is now an adult raising two kids). My female relative responded, “I didn’t talk to her about any of it. I just assumed she would figure it out like I had to.

So yes – these are conversations that need to take place – and U by Kotex is taking an active lead.

Media Post News reported the U by K brand manager, Lauren Kren, says, “It’s been about giving girls a voice. This campaign is in line with the essence of the brand.

I agree the time is now. Now is the time for bold steps that empower generations of girls and women so everyone around us benefits.

Is it provocative? Sure, but isn’t that what gets people’s attention?

Khloé Kardashian Odom’s statement also highlights the need for this campaign, “I’m thrilled to continue my partnership with U by Kotex for Generation Know while helping to empower girls. I’ve always been a motivational resource for my younger sisters and hope I can positively impact and inspire other young girls too. I’m also happy to continue to support Girls For A Change which is making a notable difference for girls everywhere.

It’s good to hear Khloé’s multigenerational perspective support this worthy movement.

What is your take on the Generation Know campaign?

Is it totally ridiculous or filling a void?


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