Advice for teenagers

My daughter is turning 13 this week. I’m thrilled and freaking out a bit.
I enlisted some help from my multigenerational board of directors – a.k.a – fabulous women in my life.
Check out my video below and please leave a comment and/or words of advice for my soon to be teenager.
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4 Responses to Advice for teenagers

  1. Kanesha… so excited for your daughter – she is one lucky girl – to be turning 13 tomorrow!!! I never had a chance to put something together for her, but have something to share that she might enjoy. When I turned 40, I wrote a letter to my younger, 15-year-old self. Here’s the original blog post…I’d love it if you wanted to share this with your daughter :) LOVE what you’re doing for her and through your blog!! XOXO Debbie

  2. So awesome, Kanesha! I think I’m going to copy this idea in a couple years for my niece. I was so honored to be asked by you to contribute. Love you, my friend!

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