Happy Pre-Friday, IAFN Readers!

So I kicked off today with all my cylinders firing.

Before 10am – and still in my PJs – I was able to:

  • Email with hubby (ME: “Oh? You’ll be back home from work travel, today? OK!”)
  • Get the kids up and ready for school
  • Hand them off to my mother-in-law for the hearty breakfast she prepared
  • Tackle the dreadful car/drop-off line
  • Have a “oh no she didn’t” chat with my cousin
  • Tackle two loads of laundry
  • Find crazy stuff in the washer

  • Pack for an upcoming business trip
  • Listen to my mother-in-law excitedly describe her soon to be launched “granny nanny for hire” business
  • Do some social media stuff
  • Write my Circle of 10 eLetter
  • Watch GMA

Sound like a lot?

Yes, I’m thinking I’ll be napping by noon. – but only after my daily walk.

This is how I am right before I go on work travel. I have to get sh*t done. I want the house tidy, laundry done, loose ends snipped, and my mind decluttered once I make it to the airport.

My mother-in-law was tidying up the main floor of our multigenerational nest because she recognizes when I go into this pre-travel mode. She gets me.

Truth be told – I don’t always get the house in “travel  shape”. I often run out of time, steam, or motivation. I used to be jammed up about that, but no longer.

Why – because it’s my own quirky rule – and I can break it whenever I choose. My mother-in-law helped me see this, too. She avails herself so I can lean on her when the rules are so loud – they are turning me into a witch…because who wants to live with a witchy woman, wife, mother, daugther-in-law, and taskmaster? (that’s rhetorical)

My mother-in-law and I will have a long or short chat about my quirky rules – and then we come up with a simple action plan. The plan may involve us divvying up stuff, skipping items, delaying tasks, or just having a drink and hoping it’ll take care of itself.

Today’s “get ready for work travel” rules involved doing the best I could and as much as I could in my PJs.

And with my rule breaking self – I sat down and watched ALL of GMA (did you see that CRAZY alligator story) while sipping my coffee and thinking about how to help my mother-in-law market her “granny nanny for hire” empire.

Speaking of GMA, empires, grandmothers, and multigenerational stuff…I loved this 4 generation picture of Susan Lucci and her family.

What travel quirk(s) do you have? Do you give yourself a pass or permission to switch it up?

Susan Lucci Picture


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