Lucimarian Roberts – My Story, My Song

I was moved to tears while I watched Good Morning America, today.

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and I can never resist a story about family, faith, and friends.

Our multigenerational nest is in transition with my youngest heading to kindergarten in the fall. There are lots of thoughts, wonderings, fears, and celebrations around roles, relationships, progress, change and loss.

While watching the GMA story about Lucimarian Robert’s new book, it made me stop and identify the opportunities our current transition is presenting.

  • Renewal – keeping family connections fresh and thriving
  • Growth – avoiding stagnation and not settling
  • Leaning into strengths – because we all have them and that’s what makes this multigenerational living situation work
  • Forgiveness – super important to do and be aware of as we express ourselves appropriately and inappropriately
  • Patience – because we do not fully know what the future holds – and that’s OK

The overview of Lucimarian’s book and her message also made me think and mentally celebrate our unique and strong family ties – that have come out of our multigenerational living situation.

My big takeaways were:

  • Tapping into your life’s purpose keeps you mindful of what is really important.
  • Sharing the burden of daily living creates a meaningful life.
  • Family storytelling leaves an imprint on what you’ve built together.
  • Accessing humor, during challenging situations, positively fuels the soul.
  • All things can be achieved through grace.

If you saw or watched the interview – what were the takeaways for you?

How do these takeaways show up in your family – or your family interactions?


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