Spring is here!

I woke up to sunshine, bird chirping, an easy breeze, and a feeling of renewal.

Do I mean to sound all “love, peace, and hair grease”? Yes, I do – and here’s why…

I just returned from a four day summit with Martha Beck and about 310 Martha Beck trained coaches. If you know Martha’s work – then you can imagine large energy particles shooting off every person – causing the next person to generate a mega-abundance of more energy. (If you don’t know Martha’s work…well, I invite you to check it out.)

As the beauty of the of the four days rolled on – I was a bit worried about reentry into my multigenerational home life and getting back to writing (yup, behind on my eBook), coaching clients, and prepping for workshops. I wanted to hold on to the joy, magic, serenity, and renewal I was feeling during the summit. Instead of getting my panties in a wad about forcing my life flow go exactly the way I wanted – I decided to create a manifesto of how my reentry into life would be…I shifted my thoughts and energy.

I will focus on calm energy. I will stay open. I will not force myself back into a frantic pace. I will sit and listen more. I will practice deep breathing. I will notice when my mind goes into its faced paced – mental spin cycle. I will pay attention to what I’m paying attention to – and ask myself, “Are you expending your energy or protecting it?” I will connect my humanness with my divine brilliance. I will stay in the moment.

I read this manifesto out loud to myself – while I was in Arizona. I read it while I was on the plane returning to Colorado.

When I arrived home, late on Sunday, here’s what greeted me:

  • Calm energy and warm hugs
  • Hubby suggested I take Monday off to regroup
  • Mother-in-law providing eucalyptus for a relaxing steam shower
  • Relaxed and happy children with all their “school stuff” ready to go for Monday
  • Space provided for me, by my multigenerational family, to do whatever I needed to do – at my own space
  • No one asked me to do anything
  • Love

If you find yourself wanting to shift energy or recalibrate – I encourage you to write a manifesto. You can even record it on your mobile phone – if you aren’t able to write it down.

The manifesto can be simple and as long (or short) as you need it to be. Focus on what you need, when you write your manifesto. Be clear and specific. Tap into your core values.  Use simple language and select powerful or vivid words.

I’d love to read what you write for yourself – so please leave your manifesto in the comments section.


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