Family Traditions

When you live in a multigenerational household, it’s important to start and establish your own traditions. Yes, there are they family traditions that are passed down from generation to generation – and that usually spring from the two maternal and two paternal sides (and further on down the family tree) – when families merge.

But when you opt in or find yourself in a multigenerational household, the need for these newer traditions to find a seat at the traditions table is just as critical. If an adult parent or adult child is moving into (back into) an “established home” – they may feel like an outsider to traditions already in progress. They may not see how they fit or refit into these activities or events.

Belonging is so important in situations like this and people love to look back and draw on fun and endearing moments brought on by traditions. Knowing you’re an active contributor, fun creator, and traditions innovator is also another step in building a strong foundation for a multigenerational household to thrive and flourish.

Why am I talking about this?

Today is Pi Day and my multigenerational nest LOVES to celebrate. When my mother-in-law moved in and I was saying we needed to celebrate some non-traditional holidays, she looked at me like, “Really, Kanesha, Really?!

Now that we are living the multigenerational dream, she’s always checking our calendar and looking at the previous year’s calendar to make herself ready for our tradition of celebrating non-traditional holidays.

All week, we’ve been discussing what types of pie we would be eating on Pi Day. My mother-in-law was going through cookbooks, I was making t-shirts, and the kids were trying to think of clever Pi related terms I could put on the t-shirts. (Where’s hubby? On work travel.)

Here are some initial pictures of our Pi Day celebration.

What traditions have you created for your multigenerational family or with your in-laws?


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