Leaping into age 40

We’re celebrating another birthday in our multigenerational nest, and it’s my big 4-0!

I’ve had friends tell me that I’m approaching 40 so positively – but really, why wouldn’t I?

I mean, I feel good. My family is thriving. We are all healthy and having fun. And hey, another birthday means another year to do great things and blog about it – plus the extra day, during leap year, to do – well, whatever!

Following in the footsteps of hubby and my mother-in-law in celebrating birthdays, I have crafted my 40 and fabulous list to commemorate this birth milestone.

1.  Moon dance whenever you want – but especially on the night of a full moon.

2.  Embrace your stretch marks.

3.  Indulge in Girls’ Night Out. When you come home, you’ll get lucky.

4.  Buy really good beer for your mother-in-law.

5.  Have a fun “sit-down” with your mother-in-law, after you have purchased good beer for her. You’ll learn a whole bunch.

6.  Be an active listener. The benefits are too great to explain – so trust me.

7.  Leap into the next phase of your life. It’s fun, scary, and exhilarating – all at the same time.

8.  Have car concerts, where you seat dance and sing as loudly as you can, daily.

9.  Start a blog even if you don’t know how.

10.  Buy some red boots and wear them WHENEVER you want.

11.  Hire a cleaning service for your home – use Groupon or Living Social if you have to.

12.  Take a telecourse that is “outside” your box.

13.  Visit the hot springs.

14.  Get a proper bra fitting. You will be thrilled!

15.  Get dropped off at the mall – buy some coffee – and doctor it up with Bailey’s or Kahlua!  (Yes, that’s what big purses are for.)

16.  Go on a multigenerational vacation – and rent a house/apartment.

17.  When a random person asks, “So what do you do?” Tell them you live with your mother-in-law and see what happens.

18.  Teach someone you love, who is 50-years-old (or older), how to internet date.

19.  Watch the Twilight Saga movies – and relive your first love moments.

20.  Ditch your kid (leaving them with grandparent/s) and go on a “during the day” date with your spouse/partner.

21.  Ditch your kid (leaving them with grandparent/s) and go on a mini-vacation.

22.  Get caught doing PDA, with your spouse/partner, by your in-law/s.

23.  Be the daughter-in-law who will ask any kind of question of your in-laws. (Yes, I need supervision.)

24.  Eat cookies in bed – on your partner/spouse’s side of the bed. (Yes, I said this before – and it’s so fun to do!)

25.  Be honest about dying your hair. It’s not that big of a deal.

26.  Don’t compare and despair with the lives of your in-law siblings. (I haven’t done this – so that’s all I can say.)

27.  Find a fun cookbook and work your way through all the recipes. Yes, those math skills that have been dormant will be put to use.

28.  Take professional family photos – every other year.

29.  Moms should be happy, and not feel guilty, to ask for help. (I mean sh*t, the POTUS has a whole entourage.)

30.  Put yourself in time-out when you need to.

31.  Let go of childhood pain. It’s no longer serving you (not that it ever did.)

32.  Take a day off – at least once a month. Go do whatever you want – and ditch the guilt.

33.  DVR trash TV and then watch it while you fold your laundry. Yes, this helps you check laundry off your chore list.

34.  Do not watch the local/national news in the morning. It’ll skunk your groove.

35.  Shift happens.

36.  Speak your truth –no matter what.

37.  Surround yourself with people who fuel you – not deplete you.

38.  Stay open.

39.  Get enough sleep – and screw your “to do“ list. It’ll get done eventually – IF it’s important or critical.

40.  Be 40 and fabulous!


2 Responses to Leaping into age 40

  1. Kanesha, Happy Birthday!!!!! I love your birthday photos and your writing is hilarious. Yay! I’m just having my morning coffee and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the inspiration, humor and wisdom of your blog. Also, your family’s valentine’s photos and the quotes were so beautiful and uplifting! Thanks so much for inspiring me this morning as I start my day and reminding me to be positive. I’m going to have to make a habit of visiting here!

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