Dinner time Discussion

Dinner time, in our multigenerational home, is something else. We’re talking, laughing, singing, dancing, crying, whining, smacking…oh and actually eating. The point is – we make sure we are sitting down together, Monday through Thursday, and pretty much anything can happen at the table.

My mother-in-law seemed a bit tense at the dinner table last night. My kids were loud. The four-year-old was complaining there was not enough broccoli. I was singing, taking my time securing sparkling water, and not making haste to sit down at the table. Hubby was going through a delivery UPS has dropped off – and here was this beautiful dinner my mother-in-law had prepared – sitting hot and on the table.

I guess we were being naughty children.

When I got to the table, my mother-in-law had “that look” – you know what I’m talking about. I tried to be a problem solver and offered her a beer. She chuckled and her mood seemed to lighten up – which was good, because I then quickly told everyone they would be completing my “5 Question Dinner Time Questionnaire”.

Then they all gave me “that look”.

My four-year-old tossed his questionnaire back at me and huffed, “Mommy! You know I can’t read!

Why a “5 Question Dinner Time Questionnaire”?

Why not?

OK, confession…early during the day, I was working on my eBook and then my brain locked up. I needed to write something – so I wrote up the questionnaire and printed it on bright paper.

Back to the dinner table…

Why a “5 Question Dinner Time Questionnaire”?

Our family is busy. We sometimes forget to appreciate each other. We all have different communication styles. We often need to be refocused on what makes our life together groovy. Writing skills are important! (OK – that was the educator in me and the link between dinner time talk and SAT scores coming out.)

The family agreed to complete the questionnaire and I told them I didn’t care about food or grease stains. I told my four-year-old I would be his scribe and he could decorate the back of his questionnaire with his name.  That helped me get back in his good graces.

This “homework” was due by bedtime. Everyone made the deadline – so I’m taking them all out for frozen yogurt later today – plus I have a BOGO coupon!

Here’s what we all wrote:

Adjective to describe your current mood:

Kanesha:  Relaxed

Hubby:  Anxious

Mother-in-law:  Middle ground

12-year-old:  Accomplished

4-year-old:  Good

What are you currently reading?

Kanesha:  Create Your Own Luck by Susan Hyatt

Hubby:  Mindset by Carol S. Dweck

Mother-in-law:  Road to Quoz by William Least Heat-Moon

12-year-old:  The Tinkerer’s Daughter by Jamie Sedgwick

4-year-old:  The Art of Kingston Baynard (and Umicar) by Kingston Baynard (and Grandma)

What did you do for yourself that made you happy today?

Kanesha:  Went for a 90 minute walk

Hubby:  Watched ESPN before going to work

Mother-in-law:  Sat in the sun at the park

12-year-old:  Sang and danced (with mommy) – curled my hair, just ‘cuz

4-year-old:  Organized a game of pirates at the local part and got the moms and other kids running around

Song that’s currently at the top of your playlist

Kanesha:  I Can’t Be Without You by Lenny Kravitz

Hubby:  Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

Mother-in-law:  No one song – just the jazz channel

12-year-old:  Set Fire To The Rain by Adele / Only Girl (In the World) by Rihanna

4-year-old:  Rocketship Run by Laurie Berkner

What made you grateful – this week/month – about living in a multigenerational family?

Kanesha:  Observing patience – learning how to be more patient

Hubby:  Dinner discussion with my mom while Kanesha was out of town

Mother-in-law:  Always something going on

12-year-old:  All the personalities that make everything different and not dull – everything is more interesting

4-year-old:  Bella (12yo) because she is my best sister

What questions should I put on the next 5 Question Dinner Time Questionnaire?


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  1. I love this! What a great way to have everyone share a little something going on with them! Fabulous idea, Kanesha! :)

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