Multigenerational this and that…

Hey IAFN readers,

I’m back.

I went on a bit of a creative hiatus and it’s been WONDERFUL. I decided to write an eBook called Nurturing the Change Cycle: 10 Ways to Build Positive In-law Relationships. Yup, I’ve been busy writing and creating. I really didn’t plan to start 2012 off writing a book because I wanted to de-clutter my house, get my home office organized, drink green smoothies…and a host of other productive things.

The book idea came about because a bunch of friends and family members leaned on me (positively) and said, “What are you waiting for?” I did not have a good or viable response as to why I should NOT write the book…so I got busy.

The plan is for the book to be finished and ready for eager eyes and minds – by mid-February (fingers crossed). I’m excited, nervous, and getting my act together.

And…before I plow ahead in talking about 2012 – I did want to say a bit more to wrap up 2011 and how it was for me and our multigenerational family.


We were all happier and busier in 2011. Everyone become a year older and possibly about 5 years wiser. Our grooves were more in-tune and when they weren’t – we stepped aside and gave the family member the time and space they needed…without bitching about it.

More people are checking out IAFN and we’ve gotten a wonderful response. (Thank you!) We love connecting with other multigenerational families. Hubby and my mother-in-law contributed some posts to IAFN and that made me ecstatic…they don’t always want to do it. I don’t force them (that much) – and I really think their perspective and experience paint a wholistic picture of who we are and how we operate as a multigenerational family.

Lessons Learned

Here are my top five:

  • I will never have a deep relationship with my father-in-law – like I do with my mother-in-law…and that’s OK.
  • Other people will always ask me, “Do you like her?” in reference to my mother-in-law. I have finally learned to say, “Ask a better and less loaded question.
  • Me mentioning “senior” events to my mother-in-law gets on her nerves. Done doing that.
  • Even though my mother-in-law is an amazing artist, she has no interest in setting up an Etsy shop – and I cannot be annoyed with her about this. Done doing that, too.
  • Playing Jeopardy with my multigenerational family will always be a challenge (answer in the form of a question, people!) – and I should get over it – and just enjoy the moment.


Even though our house can seem tight and cramped, I am grateful that we are all together. I’m grateful my kids enjoy spending time with their grandmother. I’m grateful that one of us will mention a project and we all jump in to do it. I’m grateful my son’s food allergies are getting better and that is highly influenced by my mother-in-law supporting his avoidance diet. I am grateful that I’m not expected to wear a super mom cape around – all the time – because I have quality help and loving support – in my multigenerational home.

What’s Next for 2012

Well, I already mentioned the book…

We will celebrate our 5th anniversary as a multigenerational family.

My mother-in-law and I will hold each other up and try not to fall apart, too much, when my youngest child (her youngest grandchild) starts kindergarten in August.

I’m sure I’ll be writing about another sex education incident – since my oldest child is taking health this semester (I told my mother-in-law to be ready!).

We will celebrate the marriage of hubby’s cousin (my mother-in-law’s niece). She was our flower girl – and now our son will be her ring bearer.

Hubby and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary – which means I’ll be toasting the anniversary of my mother-in-law becoming my mother-in-law.

What next for you  - in 2012?


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