Happier YOU Holiday Wheel

  • Worried about spending time with specific relatives this holiday season?
  • Wondering when someone is going to rub you the wrong way?
  • Thinking about self-medicating (e.g. over boozing, overeating, etc.) to cope?
  • Plotting ways to skip out on the family interactions?


Try the “Happier YOU Holiday Wheel”, instead.

Bypass having a negative experience when certain loved ones try to skunk your holiday groove – spin the wheel.

Turn the negative experience into something fun, rockin’, wacky, and marvelous. After all, you are only responsible for your own behavior and you cannot change the behavior of your relatives.


Spin the wheel by yourself or have a friend or loved one, who is dreading negative holiday interactions, spin the wheel with you.

If you complete all 8 tasks/activities, on spin the wheel, reward yourself!

Use the premade Holiday Wheel or create your own.

You may also want to checkout Martha Beck’s Dysfunctional Family BINGO.

Let me know how it goes.


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