Ingredients for a fun & multigenerational Thanksgiving

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Make sure there is room and space for loved ones who may need it. (e.g. portable cribs, wheel chairs, walkers, oxygen tanks, etc.)
  3. Let people who want to cook – cook. (easy recipes)
  4. Don’t be opposed to catering.
  5. Check on any food allergies.
  6. Make sure the first-aid kit is up-to-date and well stocked.
  7. Have traditional Thanksgiving food and non-traditional dishes – it’s fun to mix things up.
  8. Play some games.
  9. Create a family BINGO to use as an icebreaker. Family members can text pictures of themselves – or you can grab a thumbnail from Facebook.
  10. Buy some mini Play-doh and use them as place cards. Loved ones’ names can be written on the top of the lids – or print some labels on the computer.
  11. Set-up a camera on a tripod so loved ones can take random pictures. If you want to be fancy – rent a photo booth.
  12. Set aside some time to have a Skype session with loved ones who could not join you during the Thanksgiving celebration. A “regular” phone call works, too.
  13. Create a festive playlist.
  14. Create a “list of thanks”.
  15. Appreciate the time you have together.

Happy Thanksgiving from our nest to yours!

This is not an endorsement for Publix.

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