Now is the time {musings inspired by an indie flick}

I’m glad it’s Saturday and I’m glad hubby whisked the kids away so I could have a bit of alone time. I’ve been trying to formally schedule my downtime because the holiday season is knocking on my door and I promised myself I would not yield to the frothy frenzy that makes this time of year not so fun.

Being completely honesty, I was counting the minutes until hubby and the kids were out the door. I had an R-rated, indie film cued up so I could sit and be transported to the world, life, and “what does it all mean” interactions of a different cast of characters.

I had no idea the movie I selected would prompt me to write five pages in my gratitude journal, cry my eyes out, and check the “important papers” file.

What movie was this? Hesher. (Check out the synopsis.)

I selected Hesher for my “downtime” viewing because:

  • I enjoy edgy and dark films.
  • Hubby said, “WTH!”, when he saw the movie’s preview. (Good sign I’d like the movie.)
  • I was excited about the cast (N. Portman, R. Wilson, J. Gordon-Levitt, and P. Laurie).
  • Hubby would have snored through the movie, and that would have been annoying.
  • It was available in the Red Box.

This film is not upbeat, has a bunch of saucy language, shows the intensity of human suffering, and magnifies how women are the strong and connective glue of a multigenerational family.

My biggest takeaways were:

[Spoiler Alert]

In the twisted and final scene, when I was crying the most, Hesher makes good on his promise to spend time with Grandma.

No, not the most ideal time to reach out to someone, but it definitely speaks volumes about human connections, the intensity of love, and how our emotions cannot be squashed.

I would give this movie three and a half multigenerational stars (out of 4).

Have any movies, with multigenerational themes, thrilled and/or moved you lately?



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