I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again…my culinary skills have come a very long way since I married hubby in 1998.

I do not have to spend much time, now, in the kitchen thanks to the culinary talents of hubby and my mother-in-law. They are amazing. I mean, this past Friday, my mother-in-law made some amazing carnitas for a dinner party we had. The women at the party were praising my cooking skills, and I told them clearly, “I did not cook one thing at this party, nor did I help set-up. I walked in with some of the other guests.

Yes, a totally true story. I had to work late on Friday, and the party started at 5:30pm. I got home around 5:45pm and walked into our good smelling house right along with our guests.

Back to my culinary skills…

I’m still working on improving my baking skills. I like to try easy, medium, and difficult recipes. I mainly try out the medium and difficult ones if I can call on hubby or my mother-in-law if I get stuck.

If I’m in the kitchen baking anything, I consider it homemade because I’m making it at home. If it’s made from a box, kinda from scratch, or totally from scratch – I call it homemade (or home baked). Is it wrong to think that way?

I ask because my mother-in-law is very specific about her cooking and baking. When she makes something, she’s always clear about whether it is her recipe or someone else’s. We never ask, but she makes sure we know the source of the cooking inspiration or guidance.

Last week she made some chocolate chip cookies. I wanted to dive into them before we ate dinner. (The only reason I didn’t is because the kids were standing right there, and I didn’t want to get scolded by the four-year-old.) I told my mother-in-law the cookies looked scrumptious.

She quickly responded, “Oh, they are from a package.”

Me, “Oh? Well, you baked them fresh for us, so thanks!”

Mother-in-law, “Well, if I had more time, I would have made something homemade. Maybe next week.”

I’m not complaining, either way, about homemade, fresh-baked, scratch-baked…or whatever other category you want to add. I was just thrilled something yummy was baked for us.

Since my mother-in-law is an artist, I wonder if that prompts her to give the proper classification for recipes and homemade treats. Or, could it be generational? Could this practice of stating the origin of a dish or recipe come from back-in-the-day when women had their special recipes that were kept secret so they could show off their culinary talent?

I didn’t spend any time analyzing or with my mother-in-law. The topic went into my I wonder what that’s about box that I keep for our multigenerational interactions. 


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