The Versatile Blogger Award {clapping hands}

Sunday and Monday were a bit bumpy when I found out it’s a full nest landed on that Google security buffer site. Grrrr…!

I was lucky to have Kaye, from SandwichINK, send a DM on Twitter, to me, about my site being blocked. I thought about freaking out, eating a pint of Häagen-Dazs, and then staying in bed for days…but what good would that do?

I looked to Dr. Hubby to scrub it’s a full nest – and voilà, I was back on the blogsphere. (Thanks, Honey!)

And then today, I was thrilled and immediately thrown into a skip-about mood when I learned I received The Versatile Blogger award from the amazing author and blogger, Tia Bach, at Depression Cookies. (Check out her interview, with it’s a full nest, from January 2011.)

I thought back to Sunday night’s Emmy Awards and wished I had properly prepared an acceptance speech for this fantastic honor. Since I was not prepared (nor given a tiara and flowers like Melissa McCarthy), the best way for me to accept this award was to accept on behalf of my wonderful multigenerational family.

Family: You all rock! Thanks for keeping it fresh, humorous and oh-so-real. HUGS!

Here are the rules for me accepting this amazing award:

-Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
-Share 7 things about yourself.
-Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs.
  1. I’m extremely terrified of centipedes and millipedes. They freak me out!
  2. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer and enjoy discussing the fashion trends, from Vogue magazine, with my mother-in-law. (She has the subscription.)
  3. I sometimes eat cookies in bed – and I make sure I eat them on hubby’s side. (He loathes this.)
  4. My favorite thing to bake is sweet potato pie.
  5. I love to fold laundry while watching super awful reality TV (such as Real Housewives of …).
  6. I was the homecoming queen, my senior year, during undergrad. I still get teased about it.
  7. I’ve met my husband when he was 18-years-old and I thought he was too young for me to date. (So I waited until he was 21.)

Here are 15 bloggers are amazing and share amazing info. (This list is not ranked.)

  1. My Brown Baby
  2. Pink of Perfection
  3. Susan Hyatt – Ideal Life Design
  4. Bunny Cakes
  5. Austin Kleon
  6. Desiree Adaway
  7. Creative Mamma
  8. Donna’s Blog – Generations United
  9. Marcellus Hall – Drawger
  10. Your Life Your Way
  11. Homeschooling Voyage
  12. Granny Nanny News
  13. Michelle Seitzer
  14. Arthur & Bernie
  15. Girlfriendology




10 Responses to The Versatile Blogger Award {clapping hands}

  1. I’d like to thank Kanesha for this fantastic award. (: I’m honored & hope you’ll continue to visit Girlfriendology for girlfriend inspiration and advice. (We LOVE guest blogs & our Girlfriend Guru’s – just in case you’re interested!)

    I too fold laundry and watch bad TV. My latest was over Bridezilla or Hoarders.

    Thanks again! Nice to meet you! Have a fun, FRIEND-filled day my friend – Debba / Girlfriendology

    • YES! Another laundry folding – bad TV watcher. Thanks for outing yourself too. :)
      I’d totally be thrilled to write something for Girlfriendology. I have a big 8 year celebration,taking place on Sunday (9/25). It’s the 8th and final season of Desperate Housewives (more bad TV) – and I’ve been convening with a group for girlfriends – every Sunday – for all these years. Yay!

  2. HOORAY – so happy to see it got worked out OK. I know, well, how frustrating it can be! :) And CONGRATS on your award. Quite fun to read BOTH lists. :) Have a blessed and beautiful day.

  3. HOORAY – so happy to see it got worked out OK. I know, well, how frustrating it can be! And CONGRATS on your award. Quite fun to read BOTH lists. Have a blessed and beautiful day.

  4. Thank you Kanesha for the Your Life YOUR Way mention! I love the name, look & feel of your site – newclear rocks :D

  5. Kanesha! Congrats on your award — how exciting, and totally well-deserved!

    Thank you so much for including me on your list above — I’m honored. I’m so glad to be connected and love reading your blog/tweets/status updates. It’s such a relevant topic that hits on all age groups, and you present things in a fresh, funny, creative and enlightening way. And I love that you’re learning so much from the experience and encouraging others to do the same.

    Also glad to hear that your husband was able to “heal” your site — good man!

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