Getting older – and liking it

Today is hubby’s 36th birthday. Yes, he’s a youngin’ and I’m a borderline cradle robber (3 ½ year difference between the two us – go me!)

This is the 14th birthday celebration we’ve had together as a couple, and the 4th celebration we’ve had, of hubby’s birthday, as a multigenerational family.

I have to give major kudos and motherly props to my mother-in-law as well. Why? Well, oh so many years ago, she gave birth to twins – my hubby and his brother. They were eight pounds each. No, I’m not exaggerating, and yes, my mother-in-law has an amazing uterus.

Thank you, mother-in-law!

When my mother-in-law turned 65 earlier this year, I asked her to come up with her “top 65” list. Tonight, it was hubby’s turn and my mother-in-law was ready to contribute her comical humor – just as my hubby had done to her.

Dinner was a bit raucous tonight.

Here’s hubby’s “top 36 list”:

1.  Enjoy the last days of summer – and look forward to autumn.

2.  Make popcorn on the stovetop – share with your family.

3.  Take a day off work – and go to the movies in the middle of the afternoon.

4.  Walk to the grocery store – but buy just what you can carry home.

5.  Ride your bike to work – but take a shower when you get there if you stink.

6.  Take a walk around your neighborhood at dusk – just to see what is going on.

7.  Admire your neighbor’s landscaping – and compliment them the next time you see them.

8.  Go to your local public lecture – and read about the topic before going.

9.  Plan an annual family “fun” calendar so that you can juggle all the things you want to do.

10.  Use your DVR/TiVo so that you can stay up late to watch trash TV – such an activity will make you feel really smart.

11.  Learn a good joke and tell it to the person you sit next the next time you fly on a plane or ride on a bus.

12.  Discuss the trash TV that you watched with your colleagues at work – this will make them re-evaluate assumptions they have made about you.

13.  Read a book just for fun – one that hasn’t been turned into a movie.

14.  Volunteer at a community event – others will notice and do the same thing.

15.  Take an adult education course – share your thoughts and listen to those of others.

16.  Make a nice sack lunch for everyone in your family – who cares that it is Saturday.

17.  Go to a baseball game – and get the cheapest tickets that you can.

18.  Commit to a staycation and pretend you are a tourist.

19.  Make your holiday plans early – including plans for your New Year celebration.

20.  Learn a new song – and get all the words right.

21.  Invite all your neighbors over for a barbeque in your backyard.

22.  Contact a local politician and thank them for their dedication and time they spend trying to make our world better.

23.  Get a magazine subscription related to one of your hobbies.

24.  Go to bed early – to have a fabulous day tomorrow.

25.  Shop local and introduce yourself to people working at the store.

26.  Wish people a Happy Birthday.

27.  Smile – it’s contagious.

28.  Floss – it’s more important than brushing – at least that is what they say.

29.  Buy flowers for your spouse – especially if they really appreciate it.

30.  Visit a blog – and leave a comment.

31.  Talk to yourself – especially if it helps you make better decisions.

32.  Buy yourself new socks and underwear – especially when the elastic starts to wear out.

33.  For your spouse’s birthday – iron your sheets – but let them know this is not a regular event and not necessarily their birthday – say it is an experiment.

34.  Try your best and don’t be too hard on yourself.

35.  Do what you love and love what you do.

36.  Life is short – so cherish it.


8 Responses to Getting older – and liking it

  1. Happy Birthday! You are a rockstar! What a fun list!

  2. That is a great list!

  3. Very cool. Hubby seems quite Kanesha-worthy:)

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