Here and Now {July 19}


> parents have arrived from Georgia.

> mom is singing classic children’s songs to my four-year-old  – and making up her own words.

> daughter is playing The Phantom of the Opera on the piano for her grandparents.

> stepfather is reading a Dora book to my four-year-old and getting corrected on his Spanish pronunciation by my four-year-old.

> mom is telling funny and sweet stories about her eldest sister – who is 14 years my mom’s senior.

> stepfather was mistakenly trying to explain how to take a picture, with his phone, to my twelve-year-old.

> mom and I rescued a beloved train costume, for my four-year-old, that hubby put into the giveaway pile.

> parents are asking my twelve-year-old if she is ready to become a teenager.

> parents are shocked my twelve-year-old has a babysitting job later this today.

> parents are gushing that today is my 13th wedding anniversary.

> four-year-old is telling my stepfather, “Monsters don’t have mouths in my world!”

> multigenerational family and my heart are full.





2 Responses to Here and Now {July 19}

  1. Sounds like you were really having a wonderful day! Nothing better than the time spent with those you love! Thanks for the comment you left on our blog!

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