National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Happy hump day, readers!

I have to be honest, I am having a hard time focusing on anything not related to my kids, fitness, life coaching, and summer. I’m in a great zone, but there is other stuff to do – like folding five baskets of laundry last night – while watching the Chicago Bulls lose another game. (UGH!)

My mother-in-law and I were talking about summer vacation and how things are going to slow down a bit, after May 26. Why? That’s the 12-year-old’s last day of school. Hallelujah! (The 4-year-old wraps up his school year today.)

summer 2008

As a long-time educator, one would think I would want the school year to go on forever. Nope, I surely don’t. Our multigenerational family loves summer time – the free, relaxing, kinda on a schedule time – to do whatever we enjoy doing.

Starting around 12pm (MDT) on May 26, my kiddos will be enrolled in grandma camp, and mother-in-law totally knows how to bring the fun. I’m not sure what they’ll be up to, but I am expecting sticky surfaces, wacky creations, and amazing new memories of adventures with their grandma.

summer 2008

I have to give my mother-in-law big kudos for preparing herself mentally and physically for summer vacation. She’s been checking out books from the library to increase her skill set in making different crafts and using new art mediums. She’s been taking swimming lessons and working out more at the recreation center – to stay fit and healthy – and to also be ready for a physical summer with her grandchildren. (She’ll be with all 6 of them in June.)

So, I salute my mother-in-law, on National Senior Health and Fitness Day, because I’m so proud of her! Anyone who is into self-care definitely gets a gold star from me. Also, anyone who is a role model for a healthy and happy lifestyle for me and my family can live with me  – and ride the chaotic train of love and life.

Here are some healthy activities we’re committing to this summer:

  1. Plant a garden
  2. Make it to the local pool (indoor or outdoor) at least 3 times a week
  3. Camping and hiking
  4. Shopping at our local farmers’ market
  5. Riding our bikes or walking to do errands – as much as possible
  6. Slowing down and staying mindful

What are ways you help the active and mature adults (a.k.a seniors) in your life stay fit and healthy? I’d love to hear your  ideas and stories.


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  1. Great post. Contains good tips.

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