Lance needs to come clean… literally

  My dad and I are a lot alike; sometimes that is   good, sometimes not so much. We are both very strong willed and we have, on occasion, let our tempers take over. There is no denying, we butt heads.

But when my dad came upstairs this evening – entranced with the unfolding saga around Lance Armstrong, I knew there would be no disagreement.

Tonight, on 60 Minutes, Lance’s close teammate and good friend, Tyler Hamilton, unloaded about professional cyclists taking illegal drugs to enhance their performance and in particular, the use of illegal drugs by Armstrong, calling into question all of his seven Tour de France wins. He was also very clear that he took the same kinds of banned substances to succeed in cycling.

It sounds like after years of denying the use of drugs, the noose is tightening around Lance.  And damn it, that ticks me off. I want to believe that he won those yellow jerseys fair and square. We all wanted to think that he did it the right way – he claimed to be clean so often…

We are both amazed at the level of deception, the complexity of the scheme and ultimately, we both commented that Hamilton’s admission, that but for the subpoena of a grand jury, he would not be telling us all about Lance’s drug use.

That is the part that got my dad and me – but for the pending noose tightening around his own neck, Hamilton would not be coming clean, excuse the pun…

What the hell is wrong with him? And though this is beyond cliché, what the hell is wrong with the athletes who lie, cheat and then lie some more?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my sports, college football, tennis, cycling, rowing and others. I am not naïve to think that every athlete is worthy of the adulation they receive. Or that they compete for the love of the game.

But how did it get this bad? Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Floyd Landis, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Alex Rodriguez to name a few. Is it simply a matter of ego, or desire to win, or more money?

The answer is they do it for all of the above.  On this, my dad and I agreed.  He is 79 and though we are 35 years apart, we were totally on the same page.


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  1. Tyler Hamilton answered why the peleton used EPO and blood transfused and why no pro would discuss the subject absent the United States Department of Justice’s threats of prison. He could not have been more heartbreakingly clear. Cycling will eventually clean itself up as a new culture evolves.
    Spare your outrage for the misplaced priorities of our government spending tens of millions of dollars prosecuting a national icon by getting the closest of friends to rat on each other. That disgusts me.

    • Lance is not a national icon – he is a liar and a cheat. And frankly, I am more outraged by the cover ups and the amount of time and energy he put into cheating than the money spent on reminding him that it is not OK to do what he did. It is pathetic. And who gives a rip that they were the closest of friends? That just means they were big fat liars together. I agree that it was heartbreaking, but they all chose to do what they knew was wrong. And franklly, they all had to suspect that eventually, one of those consequences of their deceit, was that someone would have to have to tell the truth. I have no sympathy for any of them.

      • I did not believe Tyler Hamilton. He has been lying about himself for years which means he is a big fat liar. So, I didn’t believe what he said on the 60 Minutes interview either. It seemed to me that since he got caught, he wanted to throw everybody else under the bus. Has Lance ever had a test come back positive for performance enhancing drugs? Just sayin.

        • I know Tyler is not the most truthful either, but there are other people – many other people – who have also claimed Lance used. I feel bad saying it and I will be the first one to apologize, but I think Lance cheated big time and is too trapped in his lies and schemes to come clean, literally….

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