Multigenerational Travel {round up #1}

Hey everybody!

I’ve been having a great time reading about multigenerational travel and finding great resources.

Here are some great resources you may want to check out:

Multi-Generational Travel

This quote pretty much sums up how I feel about multigenerational travel:

While we often don’t realize it at the time, the moments we spend with family – grandparents, parents, children and siblings are among the most cherished memories we have. And, when the whole clan gathers for a shared vacation those times become magical, forever engraved in the archives of your family story, to be recounted time and again with smiles and laughter. That’s the essence of multi-generational travel – the sharing of new experiences together that will grow in meaning and significance with time.

This site offers multigenerational travel ideas that are simple or exotic.  The trip that interested me the most was the Serengeti family safari. I’m thinking about calling a full nest family meeting – pronto – to see if I can get everyone on board with this trip. Hmm…

Multigenerational Vacation Ideas

This site is simple, to the point, and can help you generate ideas for planning your multigenerational vacation. The site outlines ways to plan low-key or extravagant multigenerational vacations.

One thought I’m having is this site could be used as the carrot to get other family members interested in having initial discussions about multigenerational travel.

Traveling with adult children: 6 tips for an unforgettable, stress-free trip

Janet Varn shares some excellent ideas on getting the conversation going when planning a multigenerational vacation. I love that she points out the need to keep communication clear and how to keep the trip focused on the interests of the various age groups.

Janet  highlights ways to minimize stress and to keep the focus on quality family time.

Invite Grandma: The Benefits of Multigenerational Travel

I love how to the point Heather K. Scott gets when she describes the challenges of working and being able to take quality vacations – without being too exhausted.

Heck yes, take the grandparents along. I’m totally down with that.

I love the idea of using travel sheets to plan a multigenerational vacation. Why spend time to figure out what family members want to do? Just ask them. These “cheat sheets” can be taken on the trip and fun can be had without messy miscommunication.

I had not considered hiring someone to plan a multigenerational vacation for me (I’m a mega list maker), but Heather shares resources for services that can do that for you. Fantastic!

Multigenerational Travel with a Twist

Eileen Ogintz does an excellent job sharing various travel adventures for multigenerational families. No one is too old or too young to have a great time and to try out something that may be considered “off the beaten path”.

The sweet story she shares about having a multigenerational vacation prior to her father passing away was touching.

The big takeaway for me was: Don’t wait! Make your multigenerational travel plans TODAY!

Share some of your multigenerational travel trips or stories from your multigenerational travel. We’d love to hear from you.

Click here to find out more about submitting your story.


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