Re -use, -cycle and -purpose, the multigenerational way…

reduce, reuse, recycle, respect


Being Green – to my husband and me and most in our generation, that means recycle, reuse and re-purpose materials.  For us – it is a part of life.  But it is not necessarily a part of the lives of people in my parent’s generation.

Here is a list of the things we try and do to help conserve resources upstairs:

  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store and COSTCO
  • Rinse and wash out the Ziploc plastic bags
  • Run the dishwasher at 3 in the morning and only water the lawn at odd times
  • Separate cans from glass and paper for the trash
  • Keep the bag of half cut colored paper for the kids to use when the mood strikes to glue/collage
  • Put most of the lights in the house on dimmers
  • Do not buy bottled water
  • Invested in a high-end film for our windows to help with internal temperature control

You get the idea….

We have all adapted to these practices pretty easily.  Though I still get totally ticked off when I take my husband’s car to the grocery store and forget the reusable bags are in my car…

But, I have to admit that my parents are not as into recycling as we are.  Case in point…

My dad conscientiously takes our trash bins to the curb on Mondays and I get up at ‘o’dark thirty’ to go the gym Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  On Mondays, I always take a quick peek at the recycle trash to make sure the right stuff is in the right bin.  More than once, I have started my week by moving trash between bins in the dark and sometimes in the snow. 

Though my dad and I have talked about what goes where, I think it is a long-held mindset of people of a certain age that trash is trash – not everyone mind you – but my parents for sure.

Coming under the heading of “pick your battles and your wars” I choose to keep up my little Monday morning ritual. 

If he is willing to haul the trash to the curb, I can easily make sure the trash is in the right bins.


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