Turning 65. Wisdom, insight, and giggles.

We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday this weekend, and yes, she’s 65.

I asked her to come up with her “top 65” list and she looked at me like “are you for real, Kanesha?”

She didn’t think she could get to 65 things and I said “sure you can!”

So, hubby, 11-year-old, mother-in-law, and I sat down together to craft this list. I had the laptop out, hubby was handwriting things and my daughter was shaking her head at all of us.

We were laughing, gasping, looking at my hubby all crazy (he kept taking us off task), and enjoying all my mother-in-law’s wisdom.

I really wish I had given her a beer before we started this task. I can only imagine the “wild factor” of her answers after a few sips of Negro Modelo.

Here’s her awesome and fantastic list.

Happy Birthday, G!

1.       Clean your children’s room your way until they start doing it themselves.

2.       Don’t date anyone from Greeley, CO.

3.       You will survive.

4.       Sometimes it takes a little while to find the right one. You might as well have a backup.

5.       Baking bread is the way to a man’s heart. (My mother-in-law giggled and said she had a story to tell, but then my hubby would know too much. I’ll follow up later to get the juice.)

6.       Forget the 80s – let’s go back to the 60s. I can’t repeat the 60s because – been there done that (about fashion).

7.       The best way to eat strawberries is with brown sugar and sour cream

8.       Have amaretto on your birthday.

9.       Ignore husband.Listen to husband.

10.   Listen. Weigh it. Toss it.

11.   Everybody doesn’t need to know everything.

12.   Motherly control – exercise this when appropriate.

13.   How to give your granddaughter a heart attack – mention butt pinching men.

14.   [siblings] Don’t spoil your brother(s).

15.   Teach your sons how to cook so they aren’t dependent.

16.   Don’t raise a mama’s boy.

17.   I’ve always done what I’ve wanted – but then there were restrictions of time and of money.

18.   Eating a lot of whipped cream makes me…a bit sick. And no, it does not make me gassy.

19.   It’s weird how things come back to children’s shows.

20.   It’s weird knowing how after tomorrow (4.9.11) I can get on the bus and get the discount. I guess I should take the bus everyone.

21.   Pickled herring and wheat thins is a treat.

22.   People get locked into tradition which turns things into a big blur.

23.   Shake it up – hang your Christmas tree upside down at least once.

24.   Take the stuff from the past and bring it to the present (about fashion).

25.   Wear red boots.

26.   Change your hair-do up.

27.   Do you use eHarmony? No, it’s too expensive and it kept sending me guys from Greeley.

28.   1400 men within our zip code, in the age range of 58-72, are online with photographs (online dating reference).

29.   That’s a lot but when you go through them, you’re like OMG – and not in a good way! (online dating reference).

30.   Some of them you wonder why they can’t have someone take a picture of them so they don’t look like an escapee (online dating reference).

31.   Every generation has traveled so much more than the previous generation.

32.   People in my same generation have hardly left or moved from their birth town.

33.   My prize for selling magazines for the prom was a suitcase.

34.   Make it unique.

35.   Avoid head on collisions.  It is easier to work with someone than against them.

36.   Teamwork.

37.   Learn to read a recipe.  Learn to cook from scratch and clean up after yourself.

38.   Read current events.

39.   Stretch.

40.   Discover the power of forgiveness as early as possible in life.

41.   Hang out with kids.  Call them by their name.  Bask in their creativity.

42.   Keep a supply of art/craft materials on hand for moments of inspiration.

43.   Move your furniture as often as possible.

44.   Don’t be afraid of colored ceilings.

45.   Support education.

46.   Learn something new on a regular basis.

47.   Clean on a schedule that works for you.

48.   Support your local perfectionists: electricians, plumbers, etc.

49.   Know your grocery clerk by name.  And use it.  And thank them.

50.   Remember all the interesting things your grandmother let you do!

51.   Keep a journal.

52.   Don’t be afraid to read with a pencil in the books you own.

53.   Occasionally be the first one outside in the morning when it is quiet except for the birds singing.

54.   Buy good coffee.

55.   Let people change.

56.   Know all three of your grandson’s knock-knock jokes.

57.   Tell your grandchildren that they are the most amazing people you have been blessed to know.

58.   Eat your veggies.

59.   Travel.  But choose your travel companions carefully.  Or travel alone.  Round trips are optional.

60.   Sometimes you need to just stop and look to see how far you have come.

61.   Don’t be too hard on yourself.

62.   Believe in freewill.

63.   Just start down the road once – to make a point.

64.   Set a pretty dinner table.

65.   Support your children’s decisions.



3 Responses to Turning 65. Wisdom, insight, and giggles.

  1. Right on! G is one of my smartest friends!

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