Riding that bike…. finally.

It was a big day in our house on Sunday – our 6-year old son learned how to ride his bike – no training wheels and not just gliding along without his pedals.  (Picture coming on Friday)

This has been a long time in the making – as anyone with younger kids knows.  He shed the training wheels in the fall and we thought that removing his pedals would speed him along.  But if there is one thing that you cannot do, it is rush Gunnar.

So, we waited, cajoled, and used his friends’ riding skills as incentive.  Way back in the fall, we thought that maybe he would be inclined to try it if we said we would all ride down to Baskin Robbins and get ice cream.

No, no and no.

But a couple days ago, apparently, while husband and I were at work, my dear mother planted a little seed….  Then, he woke up this past Sunday and told my husband and me he wanted to try his pedals.

OK – I put them on – it was a gorgeous day and what the hell, maybe he was serious this time.  FIVE MINUTES later, the kid was cruising around without anyone’s help.  Stopping is another issue and we are still working on that.  But as long as no one gets in his way, he rides around the cul de sac like a man on a mission.  Happy as a clam.

My mom and dad were in Oregon visiting my brother when all this happened.  As soon as they drove up to the house on Monday afternoon, all Gunnar could say was, “Look Honey (my mom) and Gampy (my dad) I can ride my bike.”  He said it with such joy and pride it was enough to make me just sit back and watch.

I finally asked my mom what she told Gunnar about riding his bike, and she simply said that she wanted him to try it – to honestly try and if he didn’t like it that was fine, he wouldn’t have to ride again, but he had to try. 

Later that night, I asked him why, very gently, my mom’s words made him give it a go. 

“Come on, Mom, I can’t disappoint my grandmother.”

And one more time, here it is, thanks, Mom.


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