Multigenerational vacations & travel – We want to hear from you!

Dear it’s a full nest readers,

Margot and I have a fever – spring fever!

Spring break is right around the corner and we are so ready for a vacation!

My spring break will be 50% multigenerational and 50% with my nuclear family. I am counting the days until I can relax with the family and veg out a little.

To celebrate well deserved vacation time and our blog anniversary (one year in May!); we want to dedicate a full month to the topic of multigenerational travel.

During April 18 – May 18, Margot and I will share some of our multigenerational vacation stories.

2008 – My daughter & mother-in-law in Paris

We’d like to invite you to share your multigenerational vacation stories as well.

Submissions will be accepted until April 11, 2011.

Margot and I will go through your submissions and then pick some of our favorites. Some of the selections will be highlighted in various “the best of” posts – on it’s a full nest.

All submissions should go to: itsafullnest {at} yahoo {dot} com

What kinds of submissions are we seeking?

“How to” ideas describing how to plan a multigenerational vacation. If there are specific steps you took to ensure a great time with your multigenerational family, please tell us. We’d also like to know what travel pitfalls to avoid.

2008 – My son and my mother in Paris

Great photography. Any interesting pictures, with great captions, that show your multigenerational vacation would be excellent.

Past multigenerational vacations. If you are not taking a multigenerational vacation this year, but have done so in previous years, please tell us about that.

Awesome giveaways for our readers during multigenerational travel month. If you have a travel guide or product that supports multigenerational travel and would like to offer it as a giveaway, let us know.

Short bio. Be sure to include a 75 word or less bio about yourself with your submission. If you have a blog, website, twitter account, facebook page – you know where I’m going – feel free to include that information with your bio. We can include a picture of you too – if you want.

DISCLAIMER. Yes, we have to go there.

1. We are not able to post/include everything that gets emailed to us. Margot and I will select submissions that fit the theme of our blog. We hope you understand this and do not take it personally if your submission is not selected.

2. We will give proper credit to all submissions. We just want you to know, and remember, that there may be some duplicate ideas. Great minds think alike, right?

3. You’ll be our guest on the blog. And because you are our guest, we cannot offer you any monetary compensation.

Please submit your ideas no later than April 11, 2011. We extended the date to April 18, 2011. (See how flexible we are!)

We look forward to hearing from you!




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