No potty wars, thanks to multigenerational living

Margot and I were surprised and a bit horrified to hear Good Morning America’s report on extreme potty-training.

Then we giggled a bunch about how serious the report was on this topic.

As working mothers, we try to not take ourselves too seriously (see the picture above) and we are supportive of the challenges we both face in trying to have the best work/life balance.

We know there are many pressures to get your children potty trained so they can attend preschool. We have been fortunate, through the support of multigenerational living, not to force early potty-training on our children.

We didn’t have to stress out and demand that our kids get on the potty at four-months-old, and we certainly did not enroll ourselves in potty training bootcamp. I would have attended a class if limitless cocktails were included in the enrollment fee.

In this video clip, Margot and I chat about this new trend in potty training and laugh a tremendous amount.

We encourage fellow parents to take it easy on themselves and to enjoy their children; potty-training will come.



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