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A good friend and I, who are both transplants to Colorado, were talking about how diligent we have to be about our skin care regimen due to the dry climate, sun exposure, and high altitude. I mentioned some skincare tips I had recently read in Vibrant Nation, and before I could finish my friend stopped me and said, “You are always quoting information from magazines or blogs I’ve never heard of. How are you tapped into all these different news sources?”

I stopped and thought about it for a few seconds. I quickly realized I have expanded the types of books, magazines, and internet sources I access due to multigenerational living.

I think it’s important that I educate myself on what life may be like for my mother-in-law and how those factors fit into multigenerational living. Sometimes I can directly ask my mother-in-law what is going on with her (e.g., feelings, moods, challenges, etc.), but I think it’s difficult for her to share information at that level with me.

My questions are pretty upfront and direct, and that’s not really how my mother-in-law operates, and that’s fine. Sometimes she’ll come to me later and we continue a conversation, and other times the discussion will end abruptly and that’s that.

Here’s a snapshot of things I read – that do not specifically cater to my age demographic or lifestyle:

Vibrant Nation

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this website, but I absolutely love it. The name, Vibrant Nation, speaks volumes about the target audience’s strength and wisdom. There is so much useful information and the variety of topics keeps everything new and fresh. The message is never preachy and the writers really get down to the nitty gritty (e.g. Sex after 50: tips for helping you and your partner adapt).

Boulder Senior Services

When my mother-in-law was contemplating her relocation to Colorado, hubby and I sent copies of this magazine to her. We wanted her to see all the benefits of moving where we lived and how she’d be able to build her own life outside our multigenerational household. I pick up copies of this magazine at the local recreation centers.

AARP Magazine

My mother-in-law has a subscription to this magazine and I’m pretty sure she did not sign up for it. I try to get a hold of the magazine before she recycles it, and many times she’s too fast for me. Overall the information is educational about the mature adult’s lifestyle. The information is upbeat, current, and promotes active living. I like their website too.

Let Life In

I like this website because it discusses all the diversity that can be found in the Baby Boomer generation. My parents and my mother-in-law are all baby boomers (father-in-laws missed this group by a year). The articles are funny, honesty, informative, and timely. Sometimes I feel like a spy when I’m reading the confessionals.


I’ve been looking at this website since about 2003. In 2007, I started reading it more regularly. I spend the most time reading the Travel, Long Distance, and Love & Relationships sections. We are big fans of multigenerational travel and this website was a great resource when we planned our 2008 trip to Paris.


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