the tuxedo: multigenerational appreciation

I love a man in a tuxedo.  I think I got hooked in 1978.

The movie The Turning Point was nominated for 10 awards.  And the ONLY award I wanted to see, at age 11, was for best supporting actor.  Mikhail Baryshnikov was nominated for his role as Yuri.  As a girl and a dancer, who better to fill the role of the prince but the blue-eyed, powerfully built Russian?  I had been dancing since I was 5 and knew all too well that Baryshnikov was god’s gift to ballet.  But then he showed up in a tux and I had a whole new appreciation for him and the formal suit men wore.

He did not win but who cares?  I mean really – look at him….In a tux – simply gorgeous. 

Every year since I watched with anticipation – I love the men in their tuxedoes – probably my mom’s fault.  She had a thing for a man in a tux and I’ll be damned if I didn’t develop the same appreciation for the clean lines of a pair of broad shoulders in an Armani.  Be still my heart…..

In 1992, living in Los Angeles, it was hard not to get wrapped up in the hype of the Awards.  And the hype got to me big time that year.  I was madly in love with someone who got tickets to the show and we were going to be there together.   But we had an earth-shattering fight and broke up just weeks beforehand.  I spent the night of the Academy Awards at the movie White Men Can’t Jump, by myself, tissues in hand.  He took his mom in a brand new, perfectly fitted, onyx black tuxedo – which I helped pick out.  Damn, that hurt.

The next year I boycotted the show  still smarting from the year before – but then in 1994, Hugh Grant and Four Weddings and a Funeral were in the spotlight and I could not stay away – I mean really, Hugh Grant (before the hooker incident) in a tux?  Sign me up…

A gorgeous man in a tux – show me a woman who is not even slightly moved by that image and I’ll say she is nuts.  Just look at George Clooney and Jude Law.  Now that is how a man should look in a tux.

So, rest assured I have written this post ahead of time, scheduled it to go live on Monday morning so I could watch, uninterrupted, the 83rd annual Academy Awards and all those gorgeous men in their gorgeous tuxedoes.



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