Astrology and the Chinese New Year

It’s February 1 – that much closer to my birthday – and that much closer to turning 40 (in 2012).

I was talking to my great friend, last week, as we discussed her birthday plans for that night (January 25).

We laughed about meeting nine years ago and how I first discovered we were both Aquarians – when I found her wallet in the parking lot at work. We sighed and then chuckled about how our 30s are quickly coming to an end.  Then we got serious – serious about how we were rejecting the new zodiac line-up. We’re still Aquarians, ‘nuff said.

I do not think my identity or personality has all of a sudden changed due this recent development, but I do enjoy reading my horoscope and looking at the information about Aquarians because 1) it’s fun,  2) my own mother has been talking about astrology (and numerology) since I was born, and 3) sometimes that stuff is just too close to home to not believe some of it.

My mother-in-law takes time in between doing Sudoku, reading Dear Abby, and making breakfast for the three-year-old to check out her horoscope.

She also does a quick scan of all our horoscopes.  If anyone in our multigenerational family has three or more horoscope stars, my mother-in-law will be sure to circle the horoscope or cut it out to share with us.

Back to my friend and me…

As we giggled about the new iffy-ness of the zodiac and our astrological signs, I suggested we turn our attention to the Chinese zodiac. There doesn’t seem to be any confusion there and hey, I’m happy to expand my perspective.


As I read about the Chinese New Year, I learned 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, which is a lucky sign. The Rabbit year offers us a space to calm our nerves and catch our breath. It’s a year to focus on relationships, home, family, and security. A potential goal, during the year of the Rabbit, is to cultivate a peaceful lifestyle.

How perfect for this multigenerational family!

I had to employ some nerve-calming techniques while I was doing my Chinese New Year research. I was in the process of identifying the Chinese zodiac animal for everyone in my nest, and I wanted to check my accuracy in regards to my mother-in-law’s birth year.

I texted her – and here’s how it went:

Kanesha:  What year were you born?

MIL:  Y?

Kanesha:  Dang! I was trying to figure out your Chinese New Year animal. Never mind, I’ll just do the math.

MIL:  Dog. Y?

Hmmm… I don’t know what that exchange was about, but I recognize we all have our moments – and cleary we both were having one at the same time.

I didn’t read too much into it, after all, this is the year of Rabbit. This is a year for me to practice my diplomacy and compassion.

I better get on it.

What are your plans for the Chinese New Year?

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3 Responses to Astrology and the Chinese New Year

  1. I couldn’t wait to read this article as soon as I saw the title! I love that the year of the rabbit can be a time to focus on family, security and a “peaceful lifestyle.” Totally stuff I’m after!

    My husband is half-Chinese, so we are going out to a big dim sum with friends this weekend. I was thinking it might also be nice to try to make him moon cakes.

    • Yes, Sarah, I’m really working on folding peace into every aspect of my life.
      Your weekend plans sound fun.
      My mother-in-law were chatting about new recipes we may try this weekend – for the Chinese New Year.

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