Let’s hear it for the boys!

Guest post – by Kanesha’s mother-in-law

When it comes to making things, I enjoy creating unique gifts for my six grandchildren.  It may seem like there are more ideas and projects out there for girls, but I’m not buying it.

I have always tried to find something that I think my three grandsons (ages 9, 4, and 3) would like, even if it is not on their wish list. The items do not have to be the same thing for each of them, but it is great if it works out that way.

I remember making my daughter a pink and white, checkered fleece robe some years ago – when she was about three-years-old.  I also made a matching blanket for her baby doll.

Time flies. OK, I had a moment…back to the boys.

Last May, I was in Minnesota visiting my other son and his family, and we were celebrating my grandson’s birthday. For some reason, he had it in his mind that he would be getting a robe. After all the gifts were opened, my grandson was very disappointed that he had not received a robe.

That’s when I made a mental note and crafted my plan to make robes for the boys. To me, robes represent weekends – when there is time in the morning to be slow. Or perhaps a robe can be used as evening loungewear – to be worn while enjoying a movie and popcorn. Either way, a robe is fun and can be incorporated in to all my grandsons’ daily and imaginative lives.

With multiple robes to make, I wanted it to be easy.  I found a multi-sized pattern with a hood and pockets, and who doesn’t love a hood?

Fleece is very easy to sew and so warm.  For me, selecting fabric was the challenging part as there are so many choices. I was able to find a fun and whimsical blue for the boys.  I made sure to steer clear of any fabric that was low in quality, babyish, or had too much frill.

To personalize each robe, I used my alpha stamps and stamped each grandson’s name on the back of their robe. Fabulous!

The next project was to create pillowcases for one of my grandson’s room. I got the ideas based some throw pillows and a matching quilt, his sister had received. My grandson’s room has a space and solar system theme. I initially thought about making a quilted wall hanging but unfortunately, that got messed up, so I chopped that up and moved on to making the pillowcases.

The pillowcases started with a solar system panel. I cut the failed wall hanging into 4 squares – 16 1/4″.    I used some repurposed denim for the back of the pillows so the pillowcase would be removable.  I stamped the back of the pillows with space sayings and sayings with my grandson’s name.

The great thing about this project was the little white dots for stars, on the front for the pillowcase, glowed in the dark after being exposed to a few minutes of light.

Simple, easy, and magical!


2 Responses to Let’s hear it for the boys!

  1. Perfect!! I gave all my kids (2 girls 1 boy) robes last year for Christmas. I made them a bit bigger and they still all fit perfectly! I love robes – I agree they remind me of relaxing too =)

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