Delights of multigenerational living: November 2010

Multigenerational PERK list for November 2010

Here it is the end of December and I’m just documenting the delights from November. What can I say? The past two months have been busy and fun!

When it gets chilly outside, we start baking like crazy. It’s fun and all of us can be involved. My three-year-old always likes to help with the cooking even though he can’t always eat what we are baking. (Don’t worry, we have many special recipes for his avoidance diet.)

These are the easy and oh so delicious pumpkin spiced cupcakes we made. They didn’t last long.

Hubby made this fabulous chicken cacciatore dish one weekend. It was simple, easy, and very scrumptious. This dish also looked great in our new cookware. We had a nice Chianti on hand to sip with our meal.

Sometimes we eat all of our bananas before they over-rippen and sometimes we don’t. And when we don’t, my mother-in-law makes up the best banana bread. It’s perfect for me when I have to eat breakfast in the car (with my good coffee).


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