Insert a bit of Festivus into your holiday celebration

Hubby and I are big fans of Seinfeld. We’ve seen all the episodes and we continue to watch them in syndication.

When December arrived, of course we started making plans to enjoy various celebrations. We also talked about a few ways to enjoy a bit of Festivus (…for the rest of us).

Yes, it’s a bit corny, but we love the fun factor of Festivus. We like to get together with friends, partake in some re-gifting (aka white elephant), and air some silly grievances. We usually have some wacky food, but for some unknown reason, we haven’t had any meat loaf at our Festivus celebrations. (Probably because we are so spontaneous with this particular celebration.)

My mother-in-law is not a Seinfeld fan and I’m not even sure she has seen any episodes – which is probably why she was a bit confused when I raved about the Festivus worthy, bacon wrapped meatloaf she made for us in late September.

I was rushing home, from the gym, one evening so that I could make it to the dinner table before 6pm. When I walked in the door, the best aroma, for a carnivore, entered my nose. My mother-in-law had made classic meat loaf from America’s Test Kitchen. The funny thing about this is it was the first time she had ever made it.

Why is that odd?

Because we (the grown-ups in this multigenerational home) are originally from the Midwest where everyone makes meat loaf (and hot dish, aka casserole). My mother-in-law said meat loaf was her dad’s specialty and she really never had the opportunity to make it.

So, if you plan to celebrate Festivus on its recognized date (December 23), we recommend you try out this meat loaf (detailed recipe). We think mulled wine or spiced apple cider would go well with your celebration.

Grab your fun family and friends, and have a wacky time.

Photo: meat loaf


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