The apple of grandma’s eye

Unfortunately we do not have an apple tree in our yard, but a few of our neighbors do. Score!

A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law and my there-year-old went on an apple picking adventure. (I know, too adorable.) I’m sure it was my son’s idea to take his mini-shopping cart along. Either way, it was fun to receive a few snapshots of their apple picking adventure on my phone. (The mobile phone paparazzi strikes again!)

Many of the desserts we make aren’t always dairy, egg, or nut free. We often modify recipes due to my son’s food allergies. Part of the reason my mother-in-law decided to make the apple tart was to bake something “allergy free”, and what else were we going to do with all those tasty apples?

In addition to baking, they worked on photography and apple counting skills. My son took that picture of his grandma cutting up the apples. Yes, they are a great team.

The apple tart was delicious and only lasted one night. More please!

(And of course, we used some of those apples to make an apple cake.)

Baker Baker

“Baker, baker, can you make a tasty apple treat?”

“Yes, I’ll make an apple crisp just for you to eat.”

“Baker, baker, roll the dough and place the apples in.”

“Then I’ll add some tasty nuts and bake it in a tin.”

“Baker, baker, when you finish this fine apple treat. It will be for me alone, just for me to eat!”

-poem source


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