Multigenerational holiday gifts – idea #1

Margot and I were recently talking about holiday shopping and all the fun and creative gift  choices out there. We decided we would provide some gift ideas that focus on multigenerational living.

My first suggestion, for any multigenerational family, is an annual membership to the botanic gardens in your area. We have been members for about two years and our visits never get old.

If the botanic gardens are too far from where you live, or a challenge to get to, perhaps a local arboretum would work out too.

My family visits the gardens about three times per month and we always leave feeling inspired, relaxed, and renewed. The visits are always different and we discover something new – in addition to spending quality time together.

The nice thing about the annual membership is the affordability. Investing in the membership ensures, in many ways, we actually go.

Sometimes all five of venture out to bask in the beauty of the gardens or smaller groups of our family will make the visit. Either way, a great time is had by all.

Here are my multigenerational family’s top reasons for loving the gardens:

  1. Accessibility for any family member
  2. Bringing our picnic
  3. So many photo opportunity
  4. Being outside
  5. Beauty and tranquility
  6. Learning about all the plants
  7. Lots of gorgeous things to draw and sketch
  8. Participating in the various events offered by the gardens
  9. Seeing other multigenerational families having a great time too

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